Is that any worse than if the guy just jerked off with his eyes closed on the subway? I also don’t understand why it was written that he masturbated specifically “at” someone. Just saying “The man jerked off his dick on the subway” is enough of a mental picture. Read more

Nah. He was supposed to have been mentally conditioned from childhood. I doubt he was conditioned to have a friend or even have empathy because if you want people to follow orders blindly, the last thing you want is for them to develop personal attachments. Read more

Intellectualizing will set you free. Read more

This is a load of drivel written by a shitty person who makes crappy decisions and I feel dirty after having read it. Read more

It’s not crappy at all, it’s good advice. What she wrote makes it sound like she’s extremely serious about herself and that’s almost always going to lead to disappointing years. I’m someone commenting on an article she put out on the internet for anyone to comment on, that’s who I am to tell her that. Read more

Dunno, I had a pretty good year. I learned not to entangle myself in romantic relationships years ago because I’d discovered that they’re invariably more trouble and pain than they’re worth, so maybe that’s part of it?
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Burner brought up a related and valid point. We can discuss related matters here like adults. Tangents are allowed. You are’t the arbiter of what people post about and frankly you overreacted. Read more

Wait, are you seriously this mad about somebody bringing up a completely related tidbit of information that’s rarely talked about? The fact that you are inventing so many implied reasons to be outraged shows that you have some serious issues that you should probably deal with.
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Right, because the Alien franchise didn’t have a woman lead, and the Matrix didn’t have colored main characters. Far left liberals are just dopey about their complaints. Read more

Nah, the secret of Star Wars’ success is that it was a good Star Wars movie. Read more

give me a break with this shit. the success of star wars is their near ubiquitous cross promotional campaign. great, women are seeing star wars, but let’s not pretend it represents some cultural shift. Read more

Um, everything about your article is bullshit. The demographic breakdowns are pretty standard. If anything, this movie was seen more by whites and males than usual.
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Lmao you people are so desperate. Read more

Wrong. If she was a guy, you wouldn’t have feministas defending the bad writing of her character.
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People ARE dissecting what these traits mean for her backstory . . . because we HAVE to. Read more

Her experience is shit and she’s a 110lb girl. If the movie reflected any sort actual combat, she’d have had her staff taken from her and beaten with it. Read more

If there’s only one Jedi left in the galaxy, why would a random stormtrooper just happen to have an anti-lightsaber stick Read more

Personal theory (possibly racist), Fin is a descendant or Mace Windu. Read more