5:08 PM

One of the worse things I see in this report is the ignoring of the construction workers. I’m a good enough engineer to know I don’t know everything. A guy with a high school education that has actually done stuff with his hands and not just on a computer knows a lot more about how things actually work than I do. Some Read more

1:07 PM

“Good Tires”, Bob mused, casually lighting a cigarette, “But certainly not great tires.”

1:59 PM

Only tapered wheel bearings are easily replaced for a few bucks. I’m not sure of any cars/trucks built today that aren’t either Unit-bearings($140+ per bearing but not tons of effort) or press bearings($40 but a pain in the butt so labor isnt cheap). You should be able to get 100-140k out of bearings. On my truck, Read more

11:45 AM

I am unsurprised that the CEO of Uber did not want to criticize the actions of a major shareholder. This obvious conflict illustrates why sovereign wealth funds are a very bad idea. The Saudis have always used their vast resources to deter criticism and influence governments and corporations alike. Remember that on

10:31 AM

They must all be at SEMA. I have yet to see one in the wild. 

8:12 PM

Born in 64, I’m as young as Boomers get, and I can’t even begin to understand why this product would be marketed to my generation. Generally speaking, able bodied people under 75 (the top of the Boomer crowd) do NOT USE FUCKING MOBILITY SCOOTERS at all. Only handicapped people use them, so this is NOT a boomer product Read more

5:07 PM

It was a toss-up between that and Weird Al’s Mission Statement.

2:45 PM

That was my first thought, some more brands to be bank rolled by Jeep, Ram, and the LH cars which are then left with some of the longest product life cycles in the industry. Well, until the next collapse of fuel inefficient vehicles then they'll be looking for another bailout though now they can go running to the US, Read more

12:12 PM

the result is a car about half as light as your traditional one, with a ten percent overall reduction in mass.” Read more

9:48 PM

My first realization that there were nuts like this out there was about 10 years ago. Obama had recently taken office, and I was dealing with an attorney for work that I had known and dealt with for several years. We were talking about something, I don’t remember what, and he said “That’s why I’ve got a cabinet of Read more

10:12 AM

I have flown coach O’hare to Singapore several times, if you fly through Korea or Japan you are looking at 14 hour leg followed by another 5-8 hour leg depending. Flying through Hong Kong puts you at 16 to 18 hours with a 3 hour short hop after that. All of those are not terrible, though I prefer the Korea route. Read more