In the end (and perhaps, quite predictably in Stalin’s USSR) the two find American culture has been wrapped into a vapid, one-dimensional worship of money and wealth which makes them miss their socialist homeland.
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His death is one of a limited list of predictable consequences when attempting to evade arrest. Unfortunate, and need not have happened, but, it’s not a tragedy.
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That’s not a “death penalty”. That’s a “killed himself by making stupid choices”. Read more

Just speeding down A FUCKING SIDEWALK is criminal enough. Read more

I was prepared to be angry but I’m not. Some asshole on a motorcycle blasting down a sidewalk toward pedestrians could have killed someone. I would have done the same thing, and felt morally justified doing so. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Read more

Fraud: it’s more of a Shelbyville idea. Read more

it’s all about trees. plant more trees.  Read more

All those sources have an agenda, yes.  Good for you for noticing. Read more

Complete BS. I live in DFW, and this is normal Texas hot. Nothing unusual going on here. It’s nothing like ‘11 when we had 100 days over 100. You sir are a liar with an agenda to frighten people.  I highly doubt you all will have the guts to post this since you love to censor anything that doesn’t agree with your Read more

You know - they really missed an opportunity by not modifying Taxis. Imagine calling a Callaway Cab.

Neither, actually.  The main driving force behind what would become the airline industry was actually the Post Office  Read more

saying that without early flights (which were “ridiculed as the foolhardy larks of the ultra-wealthy”), we wouldn’t have modern consumer air travel. Read more

Cara Delevingne can say no to an interview. Alfa Romeo can tell her to say no. Read more

The first rule of fight club is never touch another person’s car. Read more

Bro. You just don’t key another person’s car even if that owner holds the opposite beliefs as you do. Unspoken car enthusiast rule. Leave the cars out of politics dude.
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Orrr.... It’s a refresh of the C4, which is actually better than everybody thinks. Read more

Lots of left wing shilling in here. You guys have no actual idea why this happened and are foaming at the mouth to try and make a connection to Republicans somehow. Pretty pathetic. Read more

Conservative here, I’ll save you the Billy Madison-esque “we’re all now dumber” speech. Read more

Stockton Rush was an idiot.  Read more