Ok, it has a carburetor - probably a four barrel and is a V-8 with very deep, square-ish valve covers. But what kind of engine and car is that? Read more

As a woke male of the 2020s I’m tremendously impressed by the Girl Power and really awesome job the ladies did in converting the bus to road trip duty. Read more

Whether it’s the petrol powered car and its lead that brain deaded us or carbon dioxide that’s cooking us or ethanol that’s good for Big Corn and bad for us (or the other way around) or billionaires that aren’t flying to space but are profiting madly out of the common man’s desire to drive to the beer store or order Read more

Notes: The X15 actually flew 199 times. The cost per flight was calculated over a sampling of 27 flights. Read more

You are correct in regard to Virgin Galactic. The price of $250,000 per flight, per person is not the cost, but one would have to assume the company plans to make a profit at that rate. I don’t know the financing, but as it is now a public company, I would imagine the money raised from equity will pay off a mighty Read more

Well, it was owned by Gulf Oil; a Gulf-Miller. Qualified and raced at Indy in 1939. Killed its driver in 1940. Read more

In 1964, it was estimated that each X-15 flight cost about $270,000, or $2.3 million in 2021 money to fly one highly skilled test pilot to the edge of space. Also it took about 30 days to refurbish an X-15 for its next flight. That was actually a really good deal compared with the almost concurrent Gemini program which Read more

If I’m not mistaken, Erin uses 37 percent fewer curse words than the rest of you mugs, so I’m going to miss her.

Everyone in the know, knows that Dodge lost the Star of David when the Mishpacha traded control of the auto industry for Hollywood with the Freemasons in 1938.
Read more

I wonder how he lost the eye.

I wave of nostalgia overcomes me - Get Off My Lawn - when I read of retractable hardtops. Back in the 80s American Sunroof Company was pioneering computerized retractable hardtops. As a Detroit based reporter, I visited them to see their offerings. It was kind of neat to see how they could move around a convertible  / Read more

Ed Cole, retired head of GM, bought into Checker with an auto dealer in 1977. The plan was to revamp the Checker with a new VW (Golf I assume) based model. They were going to stretch and raise the US built VWs. Read more

I think you should add the Factory Five line of kit cars to the list and remove
Apollo. Though I must admit, the Apollo is darn good looking and I’ve never heard of it. So thank you for that. Read more

Just saw The Tomorrow War. It was like a nicely plotted art film about a family and a few friends wrapped in a science fiction shoot-’em up alien thriller! Read more

In Russia, the rubber impregnates you.

President Obama and Dijon mustard are fine with me, but kale is a communist poison!

In other news, the Ever Given is still moored in a lake near the Suez Canal as Egypt and the Insurance company play “Let’s Make a Big Deal.”

I looked up Rocinante and Don Quixote on Wikipedia. The name Rocinante - an amalgamation of English , French, Portuguese and Italian, meaning workhorse or rough man - is a perfect fit for an old GMC truck or Chevy Suburban doubling as living quarters on a cross country trip: Read more