Consider Climate Engineering. Because air conditioning and gasoline powered cars are too sweet to toss aside. Read more

Cara Delevingne can say no to an interview. Alfa Romeo can tell her to say no. Read more

And once again, many jump to a conclusion to embiggen their political bias. Read more

To the contrary, OceanGate confirms the notion of free markets and capitalism. If company A offers an demonstrably unsafe experience for $200,000 and company B offers a demonstrably safe experience for $300,000, then most right thinking people will choose Company B. Well, except for the impatient bargain hunters. May Read more

I believe Mythbusters predicted what happens in a decompression incident some years ago and the results aren’t pretty. Read more

I am glad that the occupants of the submersible didn’t suffer. But I suspect the remains are...well let us just say commingled, and while they could be recovered, should be left to the deep. Read more

I’m sure he has some blind spots, as we all do, but I’m hopeful. Read more

I hate the design of your race car, but if you put in a hotter cam, lowered the rear end ratio and gave the wing a couple degrees more angle, we could win some races. Read more

Last I checked, it’s still illegal to commit harm to another person, even if they call you a slur like stupid bag of shit.” Read more

“Transphobes” sounds like an hateful label to paint on people who understand there are only two genders. All “transphobes” don’t hate people who identify with other genders. We (I guess I am one) simply know that biology is a thing. Read more

I don’t like the word cis, because why is it needed? I don’t like new gender pronouns. He and she and Mr., Mrs. and Ms. were just fine. I don’t like to see the phrase robot-f’er. I have no problem with the so-called hateful documentary that Twitter published. It was a bit boring, but supports a discussion of some very Read more

So you are saying Jules Verne traveled in a Narco sub, maybe five feet under the water, but for 60,000 miles? Read more

You write horror movies, don’t you? Read more

If that construction pipe folds or crackles like a piece of candy, it could ruin your day at the bottom of the sea. Read more

I get the heebee jeebees just reading the details. Bolted in? I realize you can’t pop the hatch 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, but my temples would be pounding and eyeballs bulging on the surface. Then there are the construction pipes? Double A battery powered controller! Even carbon fiber sounds sketchy 13,000 feet Read more

Thank you for introducing me to the Ferrari Icona lineup, including the Daytona and Monza, on the list. As a pauper, I only aspired to the 812 in this selection. To be honest I had my eye on a fuel efficient Roma, starting in the low 200s. I actually test drove one and it was much nicer than my Chevy Equinox. (Really. Read more

This color is reminiscent of a stein of root beer or dark beer and encourages me to dive in and quench my thirst with the smooth, mellifluous liquid on a hot summer day. It just doesn’t make me want to drive 177 mph. Maybe 55. Read more

Beautiful car. Terrible color. Not that it’s not all shiny and reflective. It’s just so, so boring. Is  this a Camry or a Super Car ? Read more