Mr. Obscurity
Oct 30

We’re running out of places to post. By tomorrow I envision every comment section will be shut down. Read more

Oct 30

Thank you to everyone at GMG. For 15 years you’ve been my home, day in and day out. Your work has always been appreciated. I root for all of you, and send my love. <3 

Oct 25

Hello, brother, have you heard the Gospel of the Lovable Loser?”
-Northsiders, people from nowhere near Chicago who grew up with WGN

Oct 16

It’s a hell of a lot easier for an upper middle class kid to say no to a (ultimately slim) chance at 50 grand in exchange for his properly functioning brain than one who needs to work after school to help his mom buy groceries. It’s a system the preys upon the desperation of poor people, be they informed or not, and I Read more

Oct 12

It will be very easy to pivot this into a “this is why we need the wall” argument for literally every Georgia fan I have ever met. Read more

Oct 12

A sports team from Georgia suffering a back breaking loss through a combo of underwhelming play, poor decisions, deeply rooted neuroses, and straight up choking?? Must be the lamestream media making up more fake news

Oct 11

The fact that they didn’t even get a farewell post just felt like an extra gut punch for absolutely no reason.

Oct 11

Not to mentioning shutting down a fairly popular politics website while we are in the middle of a fucking Constitutional crisis unfolding right in front of our eyes