Mr. Obscurity
Oct 26

Few things are more on-brand for South Carolina than upsetting Georgia, nearly upsetting Florida, then struggling to look even semi-competent against Tennessee.

Oct 17

Ah, a heavily-hyped Lakers preseason based upon an aging superstar surrounded by acquisitions with loads of potential and zero actual accomplishments. Read more

Oct 11

Gotta be at least partial vengeance for the exposé on the bosses from awhile back.

Oct 9

You didn’t see the Cardinals score 13 runs today. YOU DIDN’T! Because they’re not there!

Oct 6

Today on Deadspin: Chris Thompson breaks down Chris Thompson’s break down.

Sep 26

The face of that security guard on the right side is the single most appropriate face I have seen for this individual and subject.

Sep 25

Then Okeke’s girlfriend will become secretary of education somehow, during which time she will attempt to personally burn down every public school in the nation on a pile of charter school vouchers.

Sep 15

I assume I got in a cataclysmic car accident on November 8, 2016 and everything since has just been my subconscious emptying out its worst nightmares while the other parts of my brain are in standby mode.

Sep 14

Per ESPN, Penn State -17. They already had the spread beat—they should have tried to actually win!