Obi Wonka-Nobi
Jun 24

An elaborate knot is not needed as a door pull. The shop where I work has 6 overhead doors all sized for semi trailers. One has the rope tied through the opening of an eyebolt which is used as a handle. The other 5 are simple knots at the end of the rope with the largest knots being about the size of a quarter. Most Read more

Jun 12

And did you see exactly where this took place? It’s infuriating. They were walking southbound at 1300 N Osage Dr, Tulsa - a tiny, TINY little residential road with no traffic. Read more

May 1

Decades of amazing, inside and out. Nichelle is at the top of my list of people I wish I could walk across the street and hang out with every day (and swoon over!)

Apr 22

It hasn’t helped me yet, but I installed cameras after two people re-ended me in traffic and drove off at high speed a couple years ago. (Texting in stop & go traffic.) Nothing has happened to me since then but I did show my footage for other crashes to the police twice. One kid crashed his older Toyota into the side Read more

Mar 14

Both so much fun for very different reasons! It’s hard to decide what to drive to work some mornings.

Mar 10

Far away + zoom was my guess, too. I’m more curious why it has such an extremely dark window tint.

Jan 16

The V6 & V8 from the 2010 Camaro. They moved V6s from 200 to 300 HP & V8s from 300 to 400 HP (keeping efficiencies the same) and forced other US manufacturers to catch up.

Jan 16

Maybe not the Catholic bible. In the South Carolina case mentioned above, the first person person turned away from the adoption agency after the ruling was denied service because she was the “wrong kind of Christian” (Catholic.) That answered my question, “If given enough power, how long will it take these people to Read more

Jan 13

LivingLaVidadidas - By 3 sizes, I wonder if the salesman was talking about the Bronco being available in 2-door and 4-door varieties and then the smaller Bronco Sport crossover (which seems like it’s going to be 4-door only.)

Jun 21 2019

Don’t forget KFC. I still chuckle every time I think about who they follow on Twitter - 11 Herbs & Spice Girls.

Nov 19 2018

Hey, remember South Park Susan from 3 weeks ago? She has now been charged with misusing 911 (in addition to losing her “$125k / year” job and her apartment.) Google Susan Westwood.

Oct 30 2018

I’ve never encountered someone who was so completely unengaged with his driving as my coworker. I’m certain he’s looking AT the windshield instead of through it most of the time. If we come up to a traffic light with 30 cars in the left lane and none in the right, he’ll stay in the left lane causing us to wait through Read more

Oct 22 2018

Exactly! One of the worst culprits is the 2005 to ???? Mustang GTs. Driver’s sometimes run the fog lights with the headlights and, even when it’s a sunny summer day, that can be blinding to oncoming drivers. You correctly described fog light design (wide & low) but the Mustang lights shine in a vertical hourglass Read more