Obi Wonka-Nobi
10:03 AM

I’ve watched this clip 100 times and laugh every time like it’s the first.

11:46 AM

Don’t forget KFC. I still chuckle every time I think about who they follow on Twitter - 11 Herbs & Spice Girls.

4:44 PM

Hey, remember South Park Susan from 3 weeks ago? She has now been charged with misusing 911 (in addition to losing her “$125k / year” job and her apartment.) Google Susan Westwood.

2:11 PM

I’ve never encountered someone who was so completely unengaged with his driving as my coworker. I’m certain he’s looking AT the windshield instead of through it most of the time. If we come up to a traffic light with 30 cars in the left lane and none in the right, he’ll stay in the left lane causing us to wait through Read more

10:20 AM

Exactly! One of the worst culprits is the 2005 to ???? Mustang GTs. Driver’s sometimes run the fog lights with the headlights and, even when it’s a sunny summer day, that can be blinding to oncoming drivers. You correctly described fog light design (wide & low) but the Mustang lights shine in a vertical hourglass Read more

2:08 AM

Ugggg. Sure, I can imagine living in a secured building and everyone needs to let themselves in individually. “No walking into the door that has been opened by someone leaving at the same time.” But, that. didn’t. happen. She never offered that option, she never proposed letting her shut the door and him reopening it Read more

2:29 PM

SMH, people are like that. We have a 10' strip of grass between my driveway and my neighbors. There was never a problem until it became a rent house and the first family (families?) moved in. They had 6 or 7 cars and if one was blocked in their drive, instead of asking someone to move they would drive through the Read more

5:45 PM

YES! I didn’t want to get rid of my beloved sporty-type-car but it just wasn’t cutting it for a homeowner who occasionally needs to haul items larger than a loaf of bread. I wound up adding a cheap, used 4WD SUV and now have 2 fun vehicles.

3:02 PM

Read the story from the Vineyard Gazette linked above in the second paragraph. It is a different account that was is reported here and is much more clear (probably because the Gazette has updated their information with more details.)

4:37 PM

As always, I’m part way through an article, start laughing and scroll up to confirm Michael Harriot is the author. Every. damn. time. You, sir, write brilliantly.

12:04 PM

Same here! I always wished they would have made “Pimp My Ride: One Year Later.” The people on the show obviously didn’t care for or maintain their vehicles. If that back seat and floorboard had two feet of trash, french fries, soda bottles at the beginning of the show you can expect the same later.

10:32 AM

I hope they can keep up with the rest of the pop tech nobody wants. Please, Byton, I’m begging you - please, please, PLEASE make the whole thing autoplay.

11:18 AM

“Rather than people just lashing out at you, I wish they would lash out by saying, ‘I am a person with a lot of sensitive buttons! I am a minefield of anger and at any minute you could step on one thing and I am going to explode!’” — Chris Hardwick on a Nerdist podcast from a few years ago.