7/15/19 1:29PM

Homo here, and holy hell, am I beyond sick of Media Gays and their screeds about who is or is not Gaying the Right Way.

7/15/19 1:22PM

Thanks for articulating this in a way I couldn’t. Super cool to be felt like an outsider all of your life in the straight world, but even cooler to enter the gay community and then be derided because you’re not the “right type of gay”. Read more

7/15/19 1:06PM

Is it possible that it’s maybe not outright homophobia, but still pretty shitty to criticize someone for not being gay the way you want them to be (politician or not)? Read more

7/15/19 1:03PM

Well this gay man found parts of the article to be quite homophobic. Calling a gay man “Mary” in an attempt to degrade and belittle him is pretty textbook homophobia. Read more

7/14/19 3:52AM

“Woo-wee!  Look at that little black-and-white sucker go!”

7/12/19 5:53PM

Cut weight a ton in high school through second year of college. Just the thought of doing it a third year in college when I was only a barely average D3 wrestler legitimately was making me unstable. No idea how adults in their mid 20’s and 30’s continue to do it. I’m currently a somewhat normal 40 year old with a nice Read more

7/12/19 4:25PM

A gallon of water weighs about 9 pounds so she will probably pack on a good 10 pounds before the fight. Some men are over 20 pounds above weigh in weight in actual fights. Read more

7/12/19 3:35PM

weigh ins in sports are so fucking stupid in 2019. like, i get you need to be a weight to compete in a category, but when everyone dehydrates themselves to the point of death and then slam a couple IVs to plump back up, it really defeats the point. recently saw a video where a famous powerlifter dropped 10 lbs of Read more

7/12/19 3:11PM

I mean I’m SURE some dude is like, “Nuh-uh! You know this scale is real because it’s made with weights and levers and thus is 100% accurate! Not like some digital scale that can just poop out mumbo jumbo!”
Despite there being an actual Salute Your Shorts about these scales being wrong!
Read more

7/11/19 11:03PM

Looks like you’re not having any trouble feeling superior to other people, either.

7/11/19 7:37PM

Or we can try to end the bizarre stigma around not drinking. I’m fine with drinking being normal, but that should not mean it is abnormal to not drink. I enjoy a beer now and again, but if I’m not drinking (for whatever reason), people look at me like I’m broken. Read more

7/11/19 1:33PM

Or I could express myself in the way best for me, and you could worry about what works best for you.

7/10/19 12:46PM

I remember walking through Best Buy after I shipped my first big console title (a DC/WB title), and seeing a dad playing it with his son in the video game department. I just sat and watched as they talked about the game and figured out their respective characters’ moves. It was surreal and sublime to see two strangers Read more