You know, thinking about how Tex Gill looked, it occurs to me that Johansson wanted her own Charlize Theron/Aileen Wuornos transformation — “Oh my god, look how she changed herself for the role!”

Cheerios had a limited run of a pb and chocolate cereal. I had that as my post-dinner dessert while the box lasted; it was quite tasty.

I generally keep to myself, so it’s not something I’d do, but doesn’t this depend on what you’re going to say? What if it’s “Dragon Age? I love that franchise!” or something similar?

Their imitation was so spot-on, and they were so delighted to have figured it out, that I started laughing. This was, of course, not that helpful for climbing. I promptly fell off my perch and dropped to the mat below. Read more

But what about actual squats?

There was a guy “ripping fat clouds” where I went to watch 4th fireworks. It was obnoxious, but fortunately that particular mixture also smelled like Oreo cookies, so it was delicious obnoxiousness.

My household originally signed up for Prime when it came into existence solely for the delivery benefits; Prime Video eventually became an addon that we never used, but was just there. However, for the past three years or so, I’ve become a regular Prime Video viewer. There are a lot of documentaries and older shows Read more

I’d like to know this too... Guess I’ll find out when I cancel next month before it renews.

Sadly, Ariel is another one of those motherless Disney princess. That would be cool, though!

I wonder just how many of these people was a child that watched The Little Mermaid over and over and memorized all the songs. TLM and Beauty and the Beast were my Frozen back in the day. As one of those kids, I am totally fine with this casting choice. Read more

Well at least the roads would be saved with this option! Though I have a sinking feeling that he would try to co-opt the Thanksgiving Day parade if he learns about their existence.

Vanessa Marin is a sex therapist.

While I’m loosely familiar with her, I don’t follow Melissa McCarthy. Does she sing? Ursula’s song where she introduces herself and tempts Arial is one of my favorites in the entire Disney catalogue. I’m not expecting it to be an exact copy, but I would like to to be good.

Is this supposed to be “gross” because it’s half a burger bun, and not, say, an English muffin or bagel? Ultimately, bread is bread, even if it comes in many forms. It’s not gross. Read more

Her answer about Phish Food ice cream is so me.

And now Old Spice has a commercial where a man and his female partner are fighting over a bottle of lavender scented product.

I think they look great; I’d happily eat several.