4/19/21 10:31PM

1st let’s not lump all gay men beauty bloggers together. Yes some have varying skill levels and talents. Just like any group some can be problematic but the few that are don’t represent all. Read more

4/19/21 9:01PM

I think you need to adress that on an individual basis and not as a group. You have to remember gay men are a minority group that doesn’t even have the same rights as heterosexual woman or even lesbian woman. Read more

4/19/21 8:27PM

Lets not group all gay men together with a few bad apples. You wouldn't hear me say a criticism like that based on someone's skin color and it's no different than someone's sexuality. 

4/15/21 4:49PM

Ummm do you not know they have found heavy metals in Herbalife and its banned in some countries for being toxic? Also, it's a pyramid scheme, if I were you I would spend my money elsewhere.....

4/09/21 6:07PM

Just please no dick pics were you are sitting or standing over a toilet. Also, don’t just randomly send them wait for the right moment like when sexting or she/he asks for it.

4/09/21 9:47AM

Umm she said Addison was fresh and the Kardashians at 40 weren’t. She’s equating age to being “fresh.” There are so many ways to put down the Kardashians other than their age. Also, Addison Rae might be young but she doesn't have fresh ideas or dance moves....

4/08/21 7:38PM

I mean, the majority of these goblins are in their forties. I think Rae is the only “fresh” thing at that table to begin with”
Read more

4/06/21 2:51PM

I don’t understand why Jezebel can’t evolve and stop picking people apart with mental and addiction issues. I know this site is known for snark, but this isn’t funny or cute and people are more sensitive to these issues than 10 years ago. Also, there is nothing wrong with a multi generational household. I feel like Read more

3/31/21 8:38PM

Accidents happen and sometimes things are out of your control. I got in a car accident because someone tailgated me and hit me from behind when traffic slowed down, and it was 100% not my fault. Read more

3/31/21 7:42PM

Okay Britney did have 50% custody until her dad attacked the boys and broke a door down. After that happened and the restraining order went through is when Kfed took Britney to court and she got her custody reduced to 30%. Britney didn’t do anything to her kids for that to happen it was Jamie’s fault. I won’t Read more

3/31/21 5:57PM

Britneys lawyer said she is afraid of her father and they haven’t spoken in months. Both of Britneys kids have a restraining order against her dad. Britneys own mother wants him removed as well. These aren’t conspiracies they are facts and verifiable in court records. Read more

3/31/21 5:28PM

Also Britney has only ever had one speeding ticket and she hasn't crashed a car. Most Americans could not say the same thing.

3/31/21 5:26PM

Not everyone in the #freebritney movement are into the conspiracies. Britneys brother, her mom, her boyfriend, her ex assistant, and lawyer have all spoken out about wanting Jamie out of the picture. Britneys lawyer also asked that Jamie be removed because she is scared of him and they no longer speak. There are facts Read more

3/30/21 10:24PM

There usually is something in the surgical contract that would allow a cosmetic surgeon to be able to have a tolerance for this type of procedure, so I doubt one cup size would be outside of the range. Similarly you can't sue because it wasn't exactly how you expected the procedure to turn out, that's why a lot of Read more

3/24/21 11:37PM

Bexcuse britney danced and dressed sexy does not mean she deserved that treatment as a teen. Please rewatch old interview and clips of her, the media was so mean and cruel. The paparazzi snapped pictures up her dress and the tabloids printed horrible articles.

3/24/21 11:32PM

How do you even begin to compare Paris Hiltons behavior to Fucking Chris Brown. He literally beats woman and has been accused of rape!

3/21/21 2:22PM

She doesn’t deserve backlash for donating money on go fund me and promoting it. We don’t know if she anonymously donated more or reached out to the family to offer help in another way. We also don’t know how well Kylie even knew the make up artist. There are other celebrities like Bella Thorne that donated the same Read more

1/21/21 12:40AM

Janet Jackson did the same and no one seemed to care....

1/14/21 8:22PM

Hazel he dropped out of a movie with Jennifer Lawrence not Jennifer Lopez.

1/07/21 9:53PM

That happened to meet too, I was negative on two rapid tests but on the third that takes 4 days to get the results and is more accurate I was positive. I flew on a plain, went to Thanksgiving, and work thinking I was forsure negative. It was so scary when I found out I had Covid during all of that. Also, I flew United Read more