6/08/21 1:03AM

Honestly, what could she possibly have said here that would have been acceptable to anyone? If more people show up at the U.S. border, when we can’t even process the ones who are already there, then how does this lead to any sort of a positive outcome for anyone? Read more

4/28/21 1:30PM

The Britney thing always makes me wonder something. There have been male celebrities who went off the rails publicly, made very poor decisions, mismanaged their own money badly, and/or trusted the wrong people. Guys like Mike Tyson and Charlie Sheen. Would they be under conservatorship too if their families had pushed Read more

4/24/21 5:44PM

The Saturday thing gave me all the feels and all the pain. Especially since time doesn’t matter during the Pandemic and it’s actually the 76th Saturday of March 2020.

4/21/21 3:04PM

agreed, I would love for google to just incorporate this idea into android/google home. it’s a simple practical option and considering how many cheap phones land in landfills because they have no monetary value after a few years this could be a great way to repurpose them.

4/21/21 11:51AM

Nonono. Making designer shirts for fat rich assholes definitely makes up for that. /s

4/21/21 11:08AM

Right? Doesn’t seem like this “body positive icon” is all that positive about female bodies. 

4/21/21 10:46AM

Thank you. I don’t know that many men who get upset about men existing in different shapes and sizes. However, men who are chill about body diversity in men tend to have less chill viewpoints when it comes to women existing in different shapes and sizes.

4/19/21 10:31PM

1st let’s not lump all gay men beauty bloggers together. Yes some have varying skill levels and talents. Just like any group some can be problematic but the few that are don’t represent all. Read more

4/19/21 9:01PM

I think you need to adress that on an individual basis and not as a group. You have to remember gay men are a minority group that doesn’t even have the same rights as heterosexual woman or even lesbian woman. Read more

4/19/21 8:27PM

Lets not group all gay men together with a few bad apples. You wouldn't hear me say a criticism like that based on someone's skin color and it's no different than someone's sexuality. 

4/15/21 11:39AM

There are a lot of legit criticisms to make of them as people, but A Rod was not a middling talent. As a player he has HOF stats (steroid scandal notwithstanding) and he’s respected as a broadcaster.