(Not That) Bill O'Reilly
Aug 2

The Union couldn’t finance the almost certainly net negative cashflow operations of GMG. And if they’re not net negative right now, there’s gigantic risk that they could become so. Read more

Sep 9 2018

But not everyone agrees with that, which is obviously what the commenter was pointing out. In good faith, too!

Sep 9 2018

“Wherever you happen to fall on Serena’s behavior Saturday night, I’m sure you agree with me that this is the umpire’s fault.” Read more

May 17 2018

“ but I can’t imagine anyone outside of that demographic enjoying it or thinking it was a good movie” Read more

May 15 2018

I felt a deep, incredibly sad irony while I watched socialists protest at the Brandenburg gate in Berlin–they were literally standing on top of markers in the ground where the socialist government of East Germany killed people fleeing communism. I feel the same when I read this article; despite evidence to the Read more

May 15 2018

I understand that this is rage-bait satire but there really is no good reason not to do this. I get that we live in a PC society but it shouldn’t be controversial to say that the entire country west of the Mississippi has no valid reason for existing

May 10 2018

You’ve got a Boston team winning waaaay to high on a list of desirable outcomes.

May 9 2018

Any update on the allegations against Greg Howard or Albert Burneko? Or even a no comment?

May 7 2018

Caps fans are actually still worried that the Pens are just going to win the next 4 games of the series, and advance 5 games to 4.

May 7 2018

In living rooms all across Pittsburgh, you can quietly hear the whispers of “Hollllltbbyyyy” interrupted only by choking sobs

May 1 2018

that scene was there so we could get a safe bathroom break without worrying

May 1 2018

It makes absolutely no sense that she would go into battle with her cleavage exposed because that’s the sort of physical vulnerability that would quickly get a person killed. Read more