(Not That) Bill O'Reilly

My understanding is that the renovations didn’t involve adding much by way of luxury boxes or similar money-printing amenities that are common in modern sports stadia. They could eke out solid revenue there no doubt, but it wouldn’t be a super-sustainable situation economically.

No, you were correct the first time. Since both of their homes are “on” geological Long Island—which includes Brooklyn and Queens—it’s important to distinguish when they are playing “in” their traditional home within the confines of cultural Long Island, which is limited to Suffolk and Nassau.

I don’t think your conclusion actually follows from your premise. I agree with the Joker that if he has to have a past, it’s best to keep it multiple choice, but I don’t see why that has to preclude creators from exploring what some of those “choices” might look like (as long as we all still agree it’s not canon). Is B Read more

From the way you tell it, you’re banging *a* sister, but only under strict conditions of scheduling and borderline-anonymity. Some dream. 

Anonymously confessing your sins to salve what little conscience might still reside in that fucked-up head of yours doesn’t “own it.” 

I personally know 7 married couples from high school that started when the female was 16-17 and their now husbands were in college Read more

You started an affair with a 17-year old when you were 24? 

Isn’t getting yelled at by bosses kind of par the course for a job? Read more

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I’m so sure the Caps are winning, I’m going to actually post this on the assumption someone will finally free me from the gray abyss.

The focus on Wilson is missing the point. If that fourth Vegas goal gets properly called, the hit doesn’t happen.

Yes, but the OT started in media res—we never had any reason to really ask those questions, because there was no context on which to base them. You can’t simply repeat the same narrative a second time when the context of the first renders repetition nonsensical.

Worth noting the same league that suspended Sean Avery for a misogynistic comment is now letting Brad Marchand get away with actual sexual assault.

Last year, the Trump Labor Department—spurred on by Republicans in Congress and their business allies—indicated that it was considering a legal reclassification of worker centers that would allow the government to saddle them with costly and onerous regulations that would dilute their effectiveness. Ironically, the Read more

I’m just curious if you see a huge difference between them, or if I read these two articles differently than you meant. Read more

As someone moderately politically conservative (in a #NeverTrump fashion), the idea of basing my like or dislike for pop culture and art on whether the specific work or the work’s creator agrees with my politics is honestly mind-boggling.

Everyone is allowed to stand by the glass during warm-ups, irrespective of where their seat is located.

Are you of the belief there is somehow an infinite demand for single family homes and luxury condos?