4/07/20 11:41PM

I tried to be optimistic about Prine’s chances after he was stabilized but somehow I couldn’t manage it. I felt it was a long shot after beating cancer that unfortunately hit his respiratory system. Read more

4/07/20 8:24PM

Looks like it connects to the Crapple iStation, not a space station.

4/07/20 3:00PM

I didn’t really think it was ahead of its time at all, though. At the release, Nestle was already well into their continuing campaign of buying up all the pumping rights of any country where they could find civic leaders to collude with. Other journalists had already done or were working on stories about how companies Read more

4/07/20 6:43AM

Yeah, I like some of the sequels, which are varying degrees of escapist action trash of quality ranging from “Good” to “Boring-Ass Shit,” but “No” will always be the best. It was a relatively grounded plot (for a Bond movie), focusing on medium-stakes intelligence work that would still be important to some people in

4/07/20 4:34AM

The legal matter is not a personal “fuck you” to artists, no. It’s just the rule of law saying that you can’t have lawsuits over someone else’s property. Since the artists no longer had any legal rights or possession over their recordings, it was absurd - from a legal standpoint - that they filed lawsuits. Think about Read more

4/07/20 4:08AM

Okay, I promise not to google your special. Granted I didn’t want to hear any of what you believe “comedy” is anyhow.

4/07/20 4:03AM

You came to the right place! If you need to adjust your signaling, dismissal of nuance, judgmental ism, and non-professional writing to match the social media culture, Hughes’ writing works as the equivalent of the Atomic Clock. There are a few other wraiths here in the comments that can also help line those things up Read more

4/07/20 3:56AM

This thread is filled with the most abysmal attempts at the expense of Louis (and the people who insist that he’s still a human being with his own perspective and rights) but you actually cracked it. I actually like this one. One of you sad, celebrity-cancelling-obsessed assholes actually found a slightly impressive Read more

4/07/20 3:50AM

It’s really good, and I’d honestly say otherwise if it wasn’t.

4/07/20 3:43AM

Again you explain that you don’t comprehend the importance of reasoning and facts and once again I’m here to tell you that I agree. You like to talk shit about things you’re not fully informed about and I agree that you do that. We’re saying the same thing, bruh. Read more

4/07/20 3:29AM

The operative word there is “feel.” Perhaps if you “thought” about it logically, you would understand that you are intentionally avoiding information and nuance that would allow you to see more of the situation that you’re discussing from ignorance. Read more

4/07/20 3:22AM

By miles the best episode of the season and a likely destined for the shortlist for best of the series.

4/07/20 1:31AM

I know you’re now attempting to be ironically lame, but that shit only works when you’ve established a precedence of being otherwise.

4/07/20 1:28AM

Attaining relevant information before you discuss something? I don’t really consider that my standard, but thank you for the attribution. I think it’s just something thoughtful people do when they want to participate in an informed discussion. So feel free to not discuss this topic anymore since you’re choosing to Read more

4/06/20 5:03PM

Ah, the “chud” label. So creative and original. Keep proving my point, li’l Scooter.