4/07/20 6:48PM

Still has that giant waste of space touch control on the center I see. I honestly could care less about either of the new consoles coming out. The first release versions of these things are always a mess,I’ll wait a year and get the revised model when games I actually want are out for it  

4/07/20 2:09PM

I still don’t really understand why Quantum of Solace is hated since I personally saw a really fun action movie with a relevant criminal plot. Read more

4/07/20 11:12AM

On one hand they really hammered the whole “Jimmy might regret this” thing with the water before and after he got stranded, on the other hand I think they really wanted us to know and dread what was coming for Jimmy.

Yeah, I liked this moment a lot. Sometimes things feel on the nose but when I talk to others I’m often Read more

4/07/20 2:10AM

A semi-informed opinion (in other words, I’m a lawyer, but I do totally different stuff from this): it’s about standing. I’m not sure, since I’m only reading reporting on the case and not the opinion itself, but I think it’s a fair guess.

To bring a case like this, you essentially have to prove that harm was done to Read more

4/07/20 1:02AM

I stole it via torrent. It’s good. Better than his last Netflix special 2017. Worth watching. 

4/07/20 12:37AM

It’s an old and simple thing: The company says “you get the fame and we get the money”. Horrible and unfair, literally Faustian, that’s how the industry works, and if artists don’t like it, they shouldn’t sign the contract.

You sign, and those are the rules. You can look for a better contract with small labels or do it Read more

4/06/20 3:14PM

blkpipo insecurities about their natural hair is not blog worthy. 

4/06/20 1:29PM

Violates parole but would have for certain followed the quarantine. Shame

4/05/20 11:01AM

Is it true that the CK fanboy/trolls here have also been practicing social distancing their entire adult lives?

4/04/20 5:16PM

Is the man who decided to jack off all over himself in a room with people who chose to stay there with him still cancelled? Sorry, I wasn’t sure on the appropriate amount of “cancel time” we were doing here; I must get my virtue signaling right.

4/04/20 4:18PM

If you were really taking the high road, William, you would not have covered the release at all. If you’re familiar at all with Louis CK “barging back into our lives”, the “our” are those of us who have “opted-in” to receiving Louis’ email updates and were already provided the link. Thanks for your lesson in morality, Read more

3/30/20 12:03PM

Or Our idiot governor could actually govern and lead instead of blaming other people, she isn’t qualified to run a hot dog stand, let alone an entire state,, She ran on “fix the damn roads” campaign and even before the Covid-19 pandemic she hasn’t fixed anything, Hey Gov Whitless Stop blaming others for your Read more