Jul 10 2019

Parents. Parents buy this for kids, just like the 3DS. It’s amazing how many of you still don’t understand Nintendo. 

May 23 2019

But I guess that’s not an allowed opinion any more.” - real words from an adult human who’s angry about a kids’ movie

Feb 1 2019

Lol, the list of “alien shit at the bottom of the ocean” movies is not exactly limited.

Jan 28 2019

Question: is there even a fucking point reading this long ass screed when you start out by comparing a fucking handgun, which is a machine designed to end life or at least severely maim living things, with a spare tire, which is a spare tire? Using a little self-awareness, is the rest of your post as fucking insane Read more

Nov 20 2018

Isn’t it so pathetic that he gets to claim them as his “answers” when they are just canned responses from lawyers? Dear dopey idiots who voted for him becaus he’s “anti-establishment” or because you believe he tells it how it is: this is the epitome of establishment and the inability to tell it how it is. Then again, Read more

Nov 16 2018

I use food stamps. I don’t have an iPhone...but I don’t have a “fancy” smartphone ..that I bought used off of eBay. You understand it’s basically a necessity to have a smart phone in this day and age? I also have a nice name handbag I received as a Xmas gift five years ago that I have kept in impeccable condition. Read more

Nov 5 2018

The CBC actually published an article on this a few months ago based on an undercover operation at a ticket selling expo in Vegas. Ticketmaster actually helps the mass buyers and bot owners to get first run tickets, making a fee on the sale. They do this knowing they will be re-listed immediately, often above face Read more

Nov 5 2018

Am I being a bush-league Robin Hood or a total wet blanket when I rally against people buying shit that they don’t want just to charge more money from the person who really does want it?  I have a similar take on sporting event/concert tickets. 

Oct 25 2018

Kirk, this is easily the best game review I’ve ever read, but also the best writing of any kind that I’ve read on this website. I enjoyed your creative narrative prose over the the technical trappings of FPS and otherdata.” Read more

Oct 19 2018

Also, several readers have reached out to me to suggest I watch previous seasons before I review this show. To them and anyone else who feels this way, I politely say...fuck no. That is not the point of this series! Thank you. 

Oct 15 2018

You know, this is a horseshit comment, and while your intentions are no doubt good, you appear to have forgotten where you’re aiming. This is Kotaku. We have our faults, but pulling punches ain’t one of them. Read more

Sep 13 2018

And this thoughtless, vile cruelty is a big part of his brand and why a large portion of this nation likes him. Read more

Sep 10 2018

No one really cares what cops want to do, they care about what cops actually do.

Sep 10 2018

I know this is a weird and unpopular concept for the people of this site, but most cops are just commoners who want to help their community. Definitely take a minute to breathe and compose yourself before responding.