Jun 22 2019

Check your outrage dude. I guarantee you that “big pharma” has nothing to do with a single study about how the skin microbiome differs according to context. No one is developing any miracle lotions that “neutralize the corrupted skin microbiome”, and no one is implying that people who swim in the ocean everyday are Read more

Apr 5 2019

A fun snapshot of what it’s like to work with a Q conspiracy theorist:

On the morning Barr’s Mueller report summary came out, this person spent a good ten minutes literally laughing in my face, and expressing grave concern at my habit of reading the Times, which then led to calling me “brainwashed” and finally yes, a “c Read more

Apr 1 2019

That last paragraph is a masterpiece. I may even put it on my tombstone.

Jan 25 2019

It looks exactly like baker’s yeast in final stages of budding.

Jan 24 2019

The fundamental datum of brain function cannot be reduced to the individual action potentials or the synaptic pathways or the temporal dynamics of the brain rhythms or the network properties of conjoined cell assemblies or endocrine feedback or whatever, it’s all these things working together that allow our brains to Read more

Aug 17 2018

Errol Morris did a feature for the Oscars some years back that shows Trump talking about his favourite movie about his favourite misunderstood hero, Citizen Kane. Read more

Aug 9 2018

Why all the contempt for cells that reside within tissues? Does this guy even know what nephrons, hepatocytes, or neurons are capable of?? Good grief. Read more

Jul 5 2018

The crows in Vancouver have started dive bombing pedestrians (as in, Fabio-esque full bird to head collisions) which is utterly terrifying, and yet another reason to avoid the west side. Read more

Jun 13 2018

I am choosing to imagine that it will be groundbreaking like Half Life 2, but better because it’s kitschy cyberpunk.

May 13 2018

Replace the kid with Michelle Visage and the show would be gold!

Apr 28 2018

If Apple ditched this feature it would be especially funny to me because I’m still using an iPhone 6, and I just extended its life span by replacing its battery for super cheap. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Apr 11 2018

None of those things matter to the plutocracy, who already got what they wanted from Trump. The very moment he and Ryan and McConnell passed the Tax Bill is the moment all of the rich assholes with actual power ceased caring who did what anymore.