Nick Dipples
Mar 10

While watching that final battle I was struck by how awful it was, especially compared to the battle over Scarif in Rogue One. The expectation was that the mainline series would culminate in the most epic of confrontations. Instead, the whole thing reeked of budget cuts and last minute rewrites.
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Mar 10

Think about the difference between this moment and how you felt at the end of Avengers Endgame. The poor storytelling in this sequel trilogy is what made that moment feel flat.

Mar 10

It’s sad then that I felt nothing when the fleet arrived. Like, oh...ships are here. Ok, who are they? Where the fuck were they? Why now? Because plot I suppose. I guess I’m supposed to feel elation that the cavalry’s here (mini-hooray). Doesn’t matter anyway because big badaboom hand-lightning!

Mar 10

I’m with you on that. An X-Wing HAD trouble flying through it, an MC90 Star Cruiser? Also, the two largest fleets in existence and not a single one shoots at the other. Most disappointing and boring Star Wars space battle in history. When TPM has a better space battle, you done goofed.

Mar 10

Don’t forget that there were also zero action shots of any of these ship aside from the Falcon after their arrival! 

Mar 9

Red alert, the guy who thinks he’s too good for video games has logged into the website about video games.

Feb 19

I’d agree with pretty much everything except better car handling, because whoof, GTA IV’s handling was awful. You could roll a car just going around a corner at a decent speed.

Feb 17

After playing the game for a few hours, I can confidently say this is mediocre game design and almost fun. World War Z and all Black Ops games do zombies much better

Feb 17

They just stand there and move a bit. Not that interesting! If zombies started boxing, I would let you know! 

Feb 16

You must be thinking of something else. It was playable at E3 2004 (presumably this is the build that has now been leaked, as it sounds like it has the same missions) but nothing playable has ever been released publicly.

Feb 6

This is a dumb take from you. And you’re the king of dumb takes. There’s nothing to indicate Katie didn’t read or investigate the character, she just didn’t really understand the appeal. That’s allowed. Not everyone is you. 

Feb 6

Leto’s Joker is a crime against humanity, as well as comic book...manity.

Feb 4

No that’d actually be pretty damn exploitative.

Feb 4

An alleged synopsis for the character’s role in the film would see Wayne grieving over the death of his wife, Diane. Read more

Feb 4

I mean, isn’t this essentially exactly what happened in Moranis’ real life?