Nick Has an Exocet
3/12/21 5:45PM

This all seems like legit research, but I strikes me as disingenuous to not once mention that Hindenburg is a SHORT SELLING firm- they release this research specifically to profit off of the resulting stock collapse. As such, it’s always good to take it with a grain of salt.

That being said, the commonality with Nikola Read more

12/27/20 4:09PM

Look, we can either continually hyperventilate about the fact that, yes, Americans are not locking down as much as they should, or, you know, figure out ways to handle things that allows for that. This is starting to read like the people who argue for abstinence only sex education for teenagers. Read more

12/22/20 4:07PM

Hmmm, the governor of California most surely didn’t vote for Trump but did go to a nice birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant with other like minded health leaders of California.
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12/22/20 12:15PM

I don’t think anybody is “okay” with even the current number of people dying from Covid. And nobody wants to get other people sick. Staying home when you’re sick has been “a thing” for as long as I can remember. My point is not that our current course and speed are okay, and I should have illustrated that more Read more

12/22/20 3:04AM

Give it a rest already. Risk tolerance is a real thing. The numbers are in, and the mortality rate is incredibly low. Most people who have it, have such a minor case that they have to be told they have it to even know. For those of us who had a noticeable case, it was a bad cold for a couple of days. For anybody whose Read more

9/28/20 8:43AM

You are vastly overestimating how hard it is to install the double din media receiver of your choice. On these early 2000s cars, it’s a simple afternoon project. 

9/16/20 3:40PM

I eagerly await the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will follow when the big tech companies that have gone permanently WFH institute location pay scales.

9/16/20 1:37AM

Why is the “Managing Editor “ guessing why Californians are fleeing the State when the information is readily available: Read more

9/15/20 9:22PM

If I had to guess, I’d say people are leaving California due to the heartbreaking wildfires that seem to get worse and worse every year” Read more

9/15/20 9:06PM

Let’s not conflate coincidence with causality. Did you compare prices for the same journeys pre-pandemic? Many rental companies charge wildly more when you pick up in an expensive city, because of taxes, rent on the pickup location, registration fees, and average income of the location. Read more

9/15/20 8:31PM

Tech folks are abandoning silicon valley. Thanks to COVID everyone is working from home now, and some people will probably never go back into the office. As tech companies have embraced remote-employees, why stay in the high cost of living centers, when you can make the same money and move somewhere that you can Read more

8/25/20 2:16PM

This is a good idea and I have been thinking of this.

7/25/20 9:42PM

I’m sorry to disagree so stridently, but this is such an impractical, heavy-handed approach to environmentalist goals - tell people that we need to totally restructure the places they live in and remove their ability to move places on their own volition. This has to develop organically and gradually if it is to Read more