Nick Has an Exocet
12/28/20 8:42AM

“man on the street interviews" are absolute garbage. If you interview enough people, you can always find some idiotic sound bites. The late night comedians have been pulling this trick for decades.

12/25/20 4:40PM

You sound like you want it to die. It’s the 4th best selling sports car behind the 3 muscle cars with the 911 right on its heels. I’m not some novice who doesn’t know that the 911 has huge margins, but the Miata probably is bad there either. The average out the door price of a Miata is well into the $30s. It’s not a $2 Read more

12/25/20 1:10PM

No one is arguing that it’s a high volume seller. It DID outsell the CX-30, which says way more about the CX-30 than the MX-5. Read more

12/24/20 8:39PM

The Miata is the best performing car in Mazda’s stable right now. It’s up like 25% year over year. They will likely ride this a bit longer and maybe do an ND3 or ND-based NE (kind of like the NB parts shares with the NA). This isn’t new for Mazda. I do think they need a partner eventually though.

12/22/20 10:33PM

The number of commenters here who think that they are smarter than the average American and want to control your every bowel movement is astonishing. Read more

12/22/20 10:23PM

Anyone quoting numbers from China (yes, HK is part of China) needs to leave the chat. You can’t make fun of people for believing a hoax but repost Chinese numbers. That’s just shitting on the grave of decency. 

9/16/20 10:33PM

Pleasantly ignoring the “normal” state of SF and the Bay Area. Normally there is less than 1% y/y turnover on the real estate market.

9/16/20 2:23AM

Hey Erin, there are 7.753 million people in the Bay Area. I’m sure you’re even connected to a few on LinkedIn. Since you didn’t ask them why people are moving, I’ll fill you in. Read more

8/24/20 10:48PM

You literally did the exact same thing I did. I bought a $900 Miata, fixed up the Miata suspension and clutch thinking I would turn it into an Exocet. After driving it a bit, decided I can’t do it to this, and started shopping again. Ended up buying a partially complete project Exocet that someone didn’t want to Read more

8/24/20 10:45PM

Gratzi. Funny thing is, I didn’t realize until I posted it that I posted a pic with a woman in the car on the track ;)

8/24/20 10:15PM

You might think that it’s the Exocet, but you’d be wrong because women love it. The true red flag is the stack of Miata parts that I haven’t found a home for. “Do you ever put something onto a car or do you just take things off?”

7/26/20 8:45PM

This article is so bad that many of the comments are a better read than the actual post. Extremist takes like this are what is wrong with our country. 

7/14/20 5:51PM

Call me a cynic, but this will establish the NIMBY ARMY. This is the city that banned electric scooters almost immediately. This will basically establish a city-wide HOA that will probably end up fining people for doing non-conforming behavior like washing their car. 

7/08/20 1:33PM

Personally, I think this is a problem of “it worked fine for 24 years, what’s going to stop it from going 25?” and not even bothering to look at things like fuel lines. These were designed for very little maintenance and I imagine most post offices don’t have someone on staff to even check it over every once in a Read more