11/04/19 9:12PM

My cat is named Nibbler, too and I will give her extra treats and snuggles tonight to honor your Nibs. <3

11/04/19 9:07PM

I am all for the “Fuck you, I can be hot at any age” thing Kathy Griffin’s got going on these last few years, but she also tunes the hell out of her pics. Her belly button is tiny already, maybe partially due to a tummy tuck that I am not sure actually happened but have heard of, so it’s probably just blurred out with Read more

11/04/19 9:01PM

It looks like they’re browned butter chocolate chunk cookies? My cookie recipe is very similar, but I use one less egg yolk. Gonna have to try it with two next time and see what happens. I get a lot more rise on my cookies, I wonder if the egg will change that. Cuz those cookies look way better than mine and I dunno Read more

11/04/19 8:54PM

Yes, if only you had all gone out and cleaned the forest floors, this wouldn’t be happening! And maybe add a few more churches on every other city block.

11/04/19 3:09PM

BA has one of the best YouTube channels. I started with just Gourmet Makes, but I’ve branched out as I’ve become familiar with the other staffers. But I have no desire to cook anything they’ve tested or showcased. Usually it’s a bit extra for me, but now I totally understand why people watch the Food Network even if Read more

11/04/19 3:06PM

Clearly, I shop at the Target in my town and no, not all Targets have mannequins. Feel free to come visit and see for yourself.

11/03/19 8:11PM

Aye, it must’ve been stolen by a hearty wench indeed.

11/03/19 7:11PM

It’s literally 20 feet from the road, stealing it couldn’t be that hard if you have a trailer and wench.

11/03/19 12:47AM

Agree. The headline implies the cops came into the house and said “Alexa, who murdered this lady?” The voice recordings are usually referred to as “voice recordings” or “recordings” in other headlines, even previously on this website. 

11/03/19 12:33AM

It’s at the top for me, viewing this article for the first time.

11/03/19 12:32AM

Today sucked. That’s all. Hope everyone else fared better.

11/03/19 12:28AM

Man, do I have a bobo Target? They have two child mannequins that they use to show off their latest Sunday-best clothes and then a few wire frame body shapes hanging on some walls. I had assumed mannequins were more for clothing-only stores or big department stores. Read more

11/02/19 12:30PM

I mean, did you really expect me to provide an address?

11/01/19 7:21PM

Starting a GoFundMe to pay bail for anyone willing to kick Jim Spanfeller in the nuts.