11/05/19 7:00PM

Yeah I haven’t seen them in every Target. I’ve noticed them more in Targets that have a larger black or latinx population. I have not seen them in areas where it’s largely white or in very upscale areas. (I work for a company that services displays in Target so I’m all over the place).

11/05/19 1:43AM

Likely lost to a tummy tuck. I think Patricia whatsherface from Everybody Loves Raymond was on some magazine cover sans bellybutton and she attributed it to one or two tummy tucks.

11/04/19 9:51PM

Molly’s adult mac and cheese is super easy and sooo tasty. I really recommend trying that if you did want to try one of their recipes. 

11/04/19 6:10PM

Another Gulf Coast resident here. Three months each year we spend checking the NHC website daily and chanting “go someplace else, go someplace else, TURN, TURN, CHANGE COURSE DAMMIT.” And we know that if we end up getting spared, some other region is taking it on the chin. Read more

11/04/19 5:00PM

Same here. I watch America’s Test Kitchen and Food Wishes for recipes that I’ll actually make. With the exception of those cookies, I’ve felt no urge to make anything of theirs. Their stuff is fun to watch, but it’s entertainment for me, not instructional.

11/04/19 4:47PM

The Gulf Coast also gets more political support, I feel, partly because it votes red and partly because its disasters are harder to assign blame for. Hurricanes happen *to* a place and the people there are seen as blameless (even if building patterns made the destruction worse, as in Houston), but when a fire happens Read more

11/04/19 3:41PM

Chris’ best chocolate chip cookies are truly the best chocolate chip cookies.  Make them they will change your life or at least your waistline.  

11/04/19 3:25PM

Yeah, I appreciate that I’ve learned more about food by watching BA and I’m thoroughly entertained, but I don’t recall ever making any of the recipes shown on the channel. Read more

11/04/19 11:09AM

My target does have plus size mannequins, but almost never has actual plus size clothing. Or they’ll have one size for everything, like every shirt has a range of size 16 and that’s it. Read more

11/04/19 1:53AM

I just want to say that for all the snarky, rudely written articles I’ve endured on this website, the tone of this one is now my least favorite. Even the title comes across as incredibly insensitive and mocking towards her very real pain. As someone still mourning the death of my dog, who was the most precious Read more

11/03/19 11:28AM

I don’t get  it why Jez and io9 is trying too make terrible person famous 

11/03/19 2:59AM

I actually had the funny thought at first trying to picture prosecutors bringing in the specific device and putting it on the stand in front of a jury for cross-examination. Read more

11/02/19 11:56PM

I was going to say that Google is a bad example because it’s a product/service AND the name of a company so ‘Google’ can be used in lots of ways that ‘Alexa’ can’t, but they both provide search services and if it were me (again, IT guy so maybe being overly literally) and there was search data recorded on servers Read more

11/02/19 8:52PM

Meh. It’s fine, but that hair is just way too long and and ends up looking like a mop as a result. Also, those earrings do not match the character at all. Color me unimpressed.

11/02/19 8:04PM

I dont think it is anything special. I've seen people with less money do far better.

11/02/19 7:38PM

This is what’s referred to as “pandering”. She doesn’t gives a shit about Poison Ivy or Batman characters in general. Nice job taking the bait.