Oct 10 2017

Is this where we talk about our kids’ halloween costumes? Because my kid can never be something...regular. I mean, when she was three she was a princess and then it all went sideways. Last year she was an Undead Lamb. Two years ago she was A Business Sparrow. (pictured below). And this year we’re in the process of

Sep 30 2017

No. That’s not the problem, and no, that’s not the reality. You people are fucking insane. Do you believe the earth is flat? Why not? You can’t PROVE it’s a globe. You have the same ass backwards, fucking useless logic towards this. There is verifiable proof that diluting something down to the degree where it’s no Read more

Sep 30 2017

Fear not, anything homeopathic is 100% equivalent to ingesting air as a treatment. There is a certainty in this because of the dilution process they use which leave no actual treatment in the pill or bottle.
Try it for yourself; next time you have a headache, smash that tylenol caplet to powder, and just take a tiny Read more

Sep 30 2017

This comment shows a deep misunderstanding of how the scientific process works. Homeopathy has been extensively studied and shown to be ineffective for any indication. Moreover, beyond there being no evidence that it does work, it also simply CAN’T work at a theoretical level because the underlying ideas that make up Read more

Sep 30 2017

The sad thing for so many of these treatments is that people would be so much better off if they ate the actual thing instead of the pseudomedical version. Beets are good for you! People should eat lots of beets! Or else other vegetables if you don’t like beets. People should eat fish instead of popping fish oil Read more

Aug 18 2017

I’ve pretty much horrified all the parents around here. My kid is almost one, and she eats what we eat for the most part, and it’s supplemented with gerber baby food. Did you guys know gerber baby food is poison? It totally is. I get lectured in our local target all the time. But there are two of those suckers in Read more

Aug 17 2017

True story: I was a witness on an episode of Judge Judy once. I wanna say it was 2004? May have been 2005. Two friends were suing each other after one got hurt driving his four wheeler on his property. Read more

Aug 11 2017

As someone with a degree in anthropology, let me tell you, you have a complete misunderstanding of the science. Once upon a time, yes, anthropology was a field dominated by white men and women who spent their time proving by looking at other cultures how superior theirs was. But that has changed. Every single class I Read more

Aug 1 2017

I’m as gay as a woman can be. All those people who’ve told me I just haven’t found the right man were right. Unfortunately, it’s Jason Mamoa so I’m gonna keep on lesbianing. But, damn is Lisa Bonet one lucky lady. ( she’s not so bad herself )

Jul 31 2017

I didn’t get the impression that the sacking of the Reach was Cersei’s plan, rather Jaime’s (He said during his monologue to Olenna that he got the idea from his defeat to Robb Stark). Read more

Jul 31 2017

Have you lopped the first knuckle of every finger off yet? Not until then.

Jul 26 2017

Very cool, though I still don’t think any have topped when Bryan Cranston cosplayed in a very realistic Walter White mask.

Jul 19 2017

This whole thing is incredibly complicated procedurally. For those struggling with the sequence of events here, the whole thing’s basically gone like this (on the Hawai’i v. Trump side of things). Read more