Sep 23

Of course. They’re also the same people that keep going on about how Diablo 3 is ruined by the RMAH.

Sep 23

The ven diagram of “But hello games lied” people and “people still play destiny" people is a circle. They're all the same person. 

Sep 23

Wow. Are there still people left in the “but they lied” crowd at this point?

Sep 21

Because the Z will be on a platform that predates the Pleistocene?

Sep 21

Perhaps they want a car some time in the next two years?

Sep 14

But I will say that Advent Children feels like it completely embraced the common perceptions of the source material over the source material itself. Cloud will brood forever because that’s what the fans want. Read more

Sep 11

Check the hold for Sciroccos and Syclones.

Aug 16

Is there information on how much data a typical kotaku page uses? This page alone has 7 ads and an autoplaying video

Aug 7

Correct headline: idling in traffic with your windows down in developing countries with minimal pollution controls increases your exposure to pollution (which may or may not be a meaningful increase that has health outcomes because we didn’t test that).

Jul 15

I’m japanese but I clearly deny this “histrical/cultual accuracy”. Read more

Jul 15

Ghost of Tsushima is interesting to me for more than just this particular conversation, as in my opinion it speaks to the general “problem” open world games of its kind present. That is to say, from everything I’ve seen of the game, it appears to be a fairly generic open world game in the vein of what Ubisoft puts out Read more

Jul 11

“ethnic intimidation” = “being non-white around someone who is terrified of everyone who is not white”. It’s like an agoraphobe trying to sue the outdoors for being there.

Jul 2

You realize that literally ALL reporting makes money, right? That is how businesses work. They are not charities. If you are offended by this wait till you find out newspapers have been running whole sections of obituaries for centuries and CHARGING PEOPLE FOR THEM! Read more

Jul 2

Hi, since I’m seeing lots of talk about whether the headline/image are a spoiler, here’s my thinking on that: it’s only a spoiler if you look at Lev being trans as something that’s meant to be a surprise or some kind of dramatic reveal. Years upon years of trans storylines have taught us this (think: The Crying Game, Read more

Jul 1

One of the biggest “scandals” in World of Warcraft was raiding guilds getting the opportunity to playtest raid bosses before release... then one of those raiding guilds passing on that information to friends to help them get a “world first.” Read more

Jul 1

Doug is already Alex Jones

Jun 29

One thing I love about Destiny 2, perhaps the only thing, is the increasing self-awareness of a lot of Destiny 2 players about this sort of shit. <3

Jun 29

The best kind of point and click for me :D

Jun 29

The warped humor was often a big draw to these games. It’s not like games like Space Quest or Beneath a Steel Sky or even The Longest Journey didn’t realize their puzzles were absurd - they were a big part of the hilarity. Read more

Jun 26

DMCA? Really? Bit like getting Al Capone for tax evasion, but whatever works, I guess.