6/13/21 2:03PM

How the fuck else are they supposed to describe the period of time the game takes place in?  

4/16/21 5:16PM

Tell me you’ve never satisfied a romantic partner without telling my you never satisfied a romantic partner.

4/12/21 9:26PM

The first thing I thought of when I read the headline was “If they want to be taken seriously, they should change the name of the company”

4/10/21 4:19PM

The “content creator” (said with an eyeroll) could still be smarter about it. Talk about the solution up front, then show it, and pad the rest of the video with gameplay footage. Read more

4/10/21 12:40PM

So you have to stand next to the closed gate at the start of the level for 117 seconds within the first two minutes of starting with four players. Read more

4/05/21 9:33PM

The game also appeared in the Sept. 1999 issue of the US Official Dreamcast Magazine, too. Here’s a photo of the 1-page article, from my own copy...

3/24/21 6:21PM

While I generally find the “all gentrification is evil” narrative pretty limited, to me this is just called: Do Your Research. Figure out what happens in a neighborhood, decide whether or not you’d be happy to live there, and then sign your lease accordingly. Don’t show up and mess with the lives of the people who Read more

2/20/21 2:56PM

I still don’t understand the premise behind this...wouldn’t you just have a frozen bedsheet stuck to your windshield? Just buy a proper car-cover and be done.

1/07/21 1:50PM

One, none of those titles evolved Yoshi in particular; simply changing a gameplay formula in a one-off isn’t really an evolution, as it doesn’t really build on anything Kirby’s Air Ride stands out because it was an extension of the Warp Star, which was lore-based; Touch and Go didn’t have that advantage. Read more

1/04/21 9:22PM

The Xbox had complex behavior modes. Its GPU could also act like a CPU. Documentation for the Xbox is relatively light compared to almost every other console. So, while assumptions can be made on the PIII and GF3 nature of it, that’s not nearly all of it. Read more

12/29/20 10:33AM

This 100%. I played Infiltrator in the first game and it felt super weak. Your one assassinate snipey type ability was great but the shooting in the first game was terrible. Most of the tech powers felt super weak or situational. I tried investing in the tech mine explosion damage so that when I threw a power out I at Read more

12/28/20 4:24PM

This is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me. Before editing there were so many capslock’d “You must do this and then this and oh god can’t wait for you to see this and SO GOOD” repeated over and over again. I love these games so much and I’m glad you appreciate that energy :)

12/16/20 7:03AM

Sub-par graphics would be a disingenuous take for game of 2013. It was a technical marvel in its day and still looks good today, especially on strong hardware. The gameplay is definitely an acquired taste but once you get to grips with some unwieldy controls, and esoteric systems, the game is a ton of fun, especially Read more

11/26/20 11:46AM

Aside from assuming facts not in evidence— the author may not even be in school debt, or even if she is, her chosen career may be perfectly capable to rendering those debt (and retirement investment) concerns moot— the fact is, life is a terminal condition, and it is absolutely not worth living unless you take the Read more