4/19/21 2:58PM

I’m just happy that there are a good amount of independent developers that have made a name for themselves. Studios like Supergiant, Team Cherry, and now ExtremelyOK are studios that make good games and feel good to support too. AAA studios can and do make great games but supporting the smaller studios just feels Read more

4/17/21 2:47PM

The douchiest douche tractor that ever did douche.

4/14/21 4:16PM

My first impression of this game was “Bloodborne with (actual) guns”, and based on that, I immediately set out to get a PS5. This only confirms it.

4/06/21 12:47AM

That’s great, and you’re not wrong. I still don’t care about Apple Arcade. And neither do many others, clearly. Taking that exclusivity deal must have been lucrative for Mistwalker because their game sure as hell isn’t going to get the exposure it deserves on that platform. Hopefully they retained the rights to that Read more

3/27/21 12:39AM

I’m sure there’s a shitty mobile game called Battle Crashers

2/23/21 7:02PM

Google acquired and gutted a studio in just over a year’s time? Read more

2/17/21 5:02PM

Yeah I kinda thought of Warcraft orcs before I thought of Nazi Germany.

2/09/21 5:57PM

It’s not, because there is no period of inactivity when it happens to me. It happens only once during a session, but it’s guaranteed to happen, usually within the first 5 minutes of the controller being on.

2/08/21 7:32PM

Here I was thinking that they’ve been massively rehauling it this whole time...not deciding whether or not to even do it lol

2/05/21 7:38PM

That gif showing the swinging circular blades in the glowy white temple looking place definitely gives me Hollow Knight vibes.

2/05/21 1:19PM

I think they were trying to avoid another Gjallarhorn situation which I fully understand. But 50% is far too much.

2/04/21 1:56PM

I have this gun, as do many of my friends. Here’s how the process goes: Read more

1/29/21 1:28PM

Demon’s Souls, hopefully, if my PS5 arrives. It should have been here yesterday but a “train derailment has caused delays”. If not, then I think I’ll play more CrossCode.

1/12/21 10:30PM

They’re no longer interested in competing with the Germans on performance, but they definitely still have to compete on interior. And with Lincoln too, surprisingly. I see a LOT of brand new Lincolns in a place (Newport Beach) that can afford much more expensive cars. Lincoln has actually reinvented itself and made a Read more

1/04/21 4:04PM

An announcement of Bloodborne 2, and/or more Elden Ring info. Maybe some more info on the next installment of FF7:R. I need something to look forward to.

12/29/20 12:34AM

Mass Effect 2 was great on its own, but it was so much better to me personally because of how disappointed I was with the first game. The loot in the first game was boring, first and foremost. It is not exciting to get the exact same gun with a slight stat increase and a number change (yay, a Naginata VIII to replace Read more

12/02/20 8:53PM

I understand its your job to play a lot of different games, but this is common knowledge to most Destiny players. All it takes is some exploring of the new menus and options that were added in 2018, no lurking Kinja comments required (as if it’s a great news source to begin with?). For all of the faults with this Read more

12/01/20 5:03PM

I’m looking forward to seeing this interpretation of Greek mythology after playing Hades extensively since it hit the Switch.