5:09 PM

I admire your optimism, but as someone who has been a Knicks fan basically since just after the contending Ewing/Spreewell/Houston teams*, I don’t share it.

I’m aware that caustic pessimism is one of the trademarks of Knicks fans but you have to consider that I am also a Mets and Jets fan. I know no other way.

*I Read more

5:14 PM

I remember going to the library back in the day and printing out tons of pages of Create A Wrestlers for Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy. The level of detail that they allowed was incredible.

I’m just still mad that I could never figure out how to beat the Rumble in 2000. I got down to the last three and fucking Test Read more

5:11 PM

If the NBA 2K series is any indication, I can imagine that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

I’m still mad that 2K tried to pretend “Frequency Vibrations” is a name anyone would ever have or that the character B. Fresh was written by someone with a functioning brain under the age of 75. 

12:03 PM

Never forget that Bargnani could have been had for a contract instead of any future assets because he was going to be amnestied. The fucking Knicks loved that sack of spoiled spaghetti sauce so much that they just could not wait.

7:03 PM

Well said. The absence of teams for some 20 years really hurt the possibility of a strong homegrown product in the short term.

People stayed Raiders fans or moved on to the Cowboys or some other team. For the record, I never once—in my nigh decade and a half in the city—saw Rams fans prior to the announcement that Read more

6:28 PM

As someone who lives in Los Angeles: What the fuck did anyone expect?

In San Diego, the Chargers enjoyed a relatively long string as the show for pro football as far as I know. In Los Angeles, not only did they have to fight with the Rams but the legacy of pro football in the city. By that I mean, the history the city Read more

12:14 PM

Good news! They never ever mention anything that happened in Season 2 because it was garbage.

8:34 PM

Happened to have that video recommended to me after watching a bunch of the top 100 plays that the NFL put out for the anniversary.

It seriously has me wondering if Austin Collie is good these days. Two of the like 6 hits in the videos are Collie getting absolutely blasted and just turning off in such a scary way. 

2:23 PM

Indeed. I had assumed we were limited to Medieval Europe given the game we’re discussing but you give a lot of great options.

I would love to have spent time in Moorish Spain at its height. It’s a period that’s always fascinated me.

4:59 PM

AC: Odyssey just made me feel like I never got any stronger at any point.

Better at what I was doing with cooler and more varied equipment but when even mobs are your level, you never quite get that sense of progressing in the same way. 

12:12 PM

Beyond the problems related to my skin color, whenever I fantasize about going back in time especially to the Medieval period, I always take a step back because of how awful most places would smell. 

6:03 PM

Twitter has the maddening tendency to finally get its shit together right after the moment you actually want to see.