Oct 17 2018

I love that they say you’ll need a button hook!  (There’s a reason we don’t make shoes like that anymore ;)

Aug 7 2018

I love the one where she outsmarts her friend who tricked her out of her tea set. And I really love the detailed descriptions of her multi-course school lunches. Gotta pack a doily, bud vase, and mini salt shaker in order to have a proper lunch.

Jul 20 2018

New Reality show pitch:  in which Alana Thompson is taken away from her mother to be raised by Cher.

May 20 2018

It’s just enough to drive a modern person mad to listen to these incels from the internet area ensconced in their comfortable secure lives complaining about the fact that they’re discriminated against because they don’t have enough sex. It’s like, Jesus get a hobby. For Christ’s sake, you — you — ”

Feb 16 2018

The National Enquirer also started reporting on Bill Cosby and John Travolta in the EIGHTIES! Think about that. They are trashy to be sure, but I think they probably get more right than not.

Feb 16 2018

The National Enquirer broke the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair. It’s definitely a trash tabloid, but it can have a pretty significant impact.

Dec 21 2017

Most men who have cystic fibrosis are infertile, and they have to use a special form of IVF to create an embryo. It’s often unsuccessful and it’s very expensive. I have a male friend with CF, and it’s also not something you’d want to pass on to your child, so genetic counseling may have revealed that it wasn’t a good Read more

Oct 2 2017

Those aren’t pearls, those are Sean Spicer’s teeth.

Oct 2 2017

This was my precise reaction this morning. I still can’t fathom either the horror of what happened, or the the completely hollow and inappropriate response from djt.

Sep 26 2017

Looks like the only two religious organizations I would consider joining are the Quakers and the Satanists. Good job, satanists!

Jul 26 2017

Some days you’re the rabbit, some days you’re the sheep...

Jul 26 2017

In the end, aren’t we all just rabbits riding sheep trying to escape a flood?

Jul 26 2017

The parts of the rabbit that were solid remained solid. Same for the liquid and gas parts. They were, indeed, unphased.

Jun 22 2017

I couldn’t agree more. Watching a show where people are trying to be the best they can be without destroying others in the process (instead, actually helping their competitors be better) is amazingly comforting in these times filled with such turmoil. Read more

May 18 2017

That idea that queer-identified men can’t or don’t sexually assault women is dangerous and short-sighted.