I think “you look lovely” is also acceptable from most people. Read more

Stomach/bump size varies so much for so many reasons. I have very weak abs, and my husband and I, and a lot of other people, were thinking there must have been a twin hiding in there somewhere. Read more

That was my thought. Of course, eggs +pregnancy =vomit for me. Read more

I think that’s a lovely idea. I’m sorry for your family’s loss. Read more

Ugh. I’m not totally against home births, if attended by a medical professional like a nurse midwife, but if it weren’t for c-sections my older daughter would most certainly not have survived birth. There is a decent chance I’d have died, too. Read more

What the bloody hell is a birth truther? Read more

I didn’t. ...I knew Griswold v Connecticut was in the late 60’s but couldn’t tell you anything else.. Read more

That’s what I was going to say...about the only thing worse than a 10 year old needing contraception is a 10 year old needing it but not getting it. Read more

I don’t get it either. If I buy a ticket to a pro ballgame and proceed to ignore it that’s my business provided I don’t disturb any other attendees. Good on the sorority for trying to help DV victims though. Read more

A lot of people seem to think it is one or the other. We can both improve access to mental health care AND reduce access to guns. Read more

Yes, the system is so horribly arbitrary. Read more

Same here. I’m so used to diet that regular tastes off to me. Read more

When I was in kindergarten in the ‘80’s, a classmate of mine brought a damn shotgun to class for show and tell. I kid you not. A shotgun. Read more

The fact that you are a human being gets you a vote on this subject. Your race and ethnicity have no bearing. My race and ethnicity have no bearing. Everyone involved in the running of the camps should face justice. Their actions should not be allowed to stand. Read more

Good. My husband, daughter, and I all got quite sick from this outbreak. To hear that executives knew it was going on makes me pretty pissed. Read more

Oh, I’ll vote for whoever gets the D nomination. As I said, the threat of any of the current Republican candidates snaps me back to reality pretty quickly. If the nominee *is* Clinton y’all are going to have to listen to me gripe a good bit. Read more

I know she is far from perfect. I’d rather see Bernie win the nod, but Hillary is a good bit better than any of the Republicans on my two top isssues. Read more

I feel you. My ranting was more about voting for someone from a leftist third party. Read more