Aug 5

I was in Rapid City in February, that store was open then. Hell, I just checked Google street view and it shows up there too. Read more

Feb 18

Thank you for reminding me that I hadn’t listened to this yet this year.

Jan 5

This is the only Superfast video that anyone should watch.

Nov 3

What’s Deadspin, I don’t see it in the family of websites.

Nov 3

I really appreciate this. It’s awesome to have some sports coverage in this family of websites. Read more

Oct 30

I think you can probably see why the comments are off on Deadspin.

May 28 2019

Fun fact: brown trout are non-native to North American streams. Immigrants might be another way to describe them...

Apr 9 2019

I would tend towards the platonic with Claire and Brad. This doesn’t mean they aren’t involved, but Brad having a family would certainly make it a complicated relationship.

May 14 2018

A while back I stumbled onto her podcast, it was a real mind trip since I was only familiar with her as Rosa Diaz.

Apr 6 2018

Ohh he’s getting sued, probably by more than just the UFC. I wouldn’t be surprised if people that have already bought the ppv don’t start a class action suit.

Mar 6 2018

Eddie Hall’s record was under a different set of rules. This is the record under this set.

Mar 1 2018

There is also the Julian date listed on the carton that can be used to determine when they are packed. Read more

Feb 24 2018

An important distinction is that dogs in Korea are often killed slowly and painfully on purpose. There is a belief that a torturous death makes the meat taste better and be an aphrodisiac via the increased adrenaline and cortisol. Read more

Feb 16 2018

I started a new diet 6 months ago and mushrooms have become an increasingly common thing for me to eat. They are great and I took far too long to appreciate them, just had my perceptions ruined as a kid by the crappy canned button mushrooms on Pizza Hut pizza. Read more

Feb 7 2018

Kate Beckinsale has a history of unconventional chocolate use. I doubt those m&ms are seeing booty placement in the future.

Jan 2 2018

A “cure” for obesity is absolutely something that they would love though. Since a pill likely won’t fix the issue that caused the obesity in the first place, people would be taking that pill for as long as they want to stay thinner.