May 23 2017

Yawn. Plenty of people get humiliated on these shows. The expectation of privacy here is less than zero, your expectation is that what you do will be broadcast to the entire nation. “Free Speech” n all that, includes criticizing things you don’t like. Read more

May 19 2017

Which is even sadder when a former first lady, US senator, sec of state, etc. is not even immune.

May 19 2017

Well, that IS the life of a woman in Trump’s America.

May 19 2017

Ahhh these make me cringe so much. He just does not know to behave like a normal human being. His body language is so off. Too much fremdschämen, I can’t. Read more

May 19 2017

Not being very good and being the best choice are not mutually exclusive. I still had/have zero issues voting for her. A more or less continuation of Obama’s administration would have been greatly satisfying.

May 19 2017

She wasn’t a great canidate. But Joe, the former Senator from Bank of America who drafted and still defends the 1994 Crime Bill, thinks he would have been a better one. Which is absurd.

May 19 2017

Color me shocked. With everything coming out now do we really need to keep debating why Clinton lost? This bullshit about her not being good enough is... just bullshit.

May 19 2017

He also said he didn’t think he would have been a very good candidate either.

May 19 2017

It makes me want to cry that our female candidate knew she had to practice not being physically intimidated by her opposition. Read more

Apr 12 2017

“Gender-diverse index fund” that according to WaPo has only 3 female board members out of 12... Read more

Apr 12 2017

Sculptors, as a species, have a ridiculous inferiority complex.

Apr 12 2017

#notallitalians I guess, probably, but when I studied in Italy the police officer during orientation told us not to get too angry at Italian men because catcalling is a national sport, after football. So make of that what you will.

Apr 12 2017

the world has changed very much since the bull was originally placed. To me it no longer symbolizes “the resilience of the American market”, but rather, the greed and selfishness of Wall St. and their complete disregard for the middle class, trampling over them to get more money in their pockets.