Feb 19 2017

Your intentional passive aggressive obtuseness is neither smart nor stimulating. You know exactly how to research a topic on the internet, be it Milo The HumanSkidmark or any other issue. Just like that juvenile smegma-stain Milo you simply wanted to cause angst and controversy whilst pouting that you “don’t really Read more

Feb 19 2017

“dragged”. (Drug is a noun.)
The rest of your comment is absolutely spot on.

Jul 5 2016

I just went and read it and now it explains everything. The woman is a delusional, pathological liar. I’ve met her kind before. They just blatantly create this fantasy world and barge on ahead with no fear or embarrasment about the obvious fuckery they’ve concocted.

Jul 5 2016

Ooooh, I’d say about 6 or 7 years.
Her Angel Hair® might be a little younger.

Jul 5 2016

Sooooo, her bio says she’s currently 29, which makes her 12 years of age in 1999, the year she says she lived alone in “the jungle with big spiders and poor little children with AIDS and, and, and . . . insert cliche here.”

Mar 15 2016

As an Australian who’s watched our Jamie Packer lurch from one disastrous relationship to another, including his marriages, I’m calling about 18 months to 2 years on this one. Yeah, call me cynical but the guy is actually more nutso than her, he’s just got the money* to get away with it.

(*All inherited of course).

Dec 2 2015

Nice to see he could still get his hands on a gun with all that lovely, violent, Grade-A-fuckadoodle back story to him. Read more

Nov 10 2015

Oh I love this, it made me sort of gurgle-snort when I read it. Did it naaawht?

Nov 10 2015

This made me snort and then dribble and then snort some more. The voice in it seemed so much like the super-serious Val C from DWTS, who seems like a decent guy, but takes himself waaaaaaaaaaay too seriously. Read more

Nov 8 2015

I kept thinking it was a joke the first few times I heard her speak on the podcast. They can’t have sat there in a court room and thought she was in her right mind.

Oct 3 2015

No. Sorry but no. I work in women’s legal services. Abortion is covered by Australia’s Medicare system, a publicly funded healthcare system. While I am sympathetic to the billing practices of one individual clinic in Hobart Tasmania, that does not negate nor disprove my original statement. Read more

Oct 2 2015

We have a publicly funded healthcare system that pays for abortions.

Oct 2 2015

Because he was only here for 36 hours. It takes about 2 days to process people to Manus or Nauru - we weren’t planning on keeping him here long enough. :)

Oct 2 2015

We don’t do the whole fundie Christian thing very well down here. Nobody in the government or anywhere else wanted him here so he was told he wasn’t allowed into Australia and his visa was denied. Read more

Sep 10 2015

I didn’t realise he’d been sleeping with you behind my back. I think it’s over for him and me now. You have him. Read more

Aug 20 2015

That moment when you witness karma in its full, glorious splendor.

Aug 10 2015

Thank GOD the Daily Mail chose to address this!!11 I was up all last night worrying about it and the night before, and the night before that. It’s been stressing me out. I know the world at large feels the same.

If we can’t all get together through a global media outlet and worry about a 4 year old’s pacifier, I mean Read more

Aug 9 2015

I couldn’t, umm, I couldn’t see it very well. So, uh, I blew the pic up and put it on my screensaver so that . . . . . . . . . . . So that I could see if it really was IN THAT CRUCIAL PENIS-TORSO FOLD AREA.
Seriously, don’t we want to make sure this woman isn’t lying? I mean Truth-In-Dick-Piercing y’all!! Somebody Read more