Feb 25

Saw a guy on KING 5 news here in Seattle wearing “Spaceballs The Face Mask” on-camera while his family was being interviewed about being snowed in when some brutal winter weather hit the Snoqualmie Pass a few days ago, and if you want mask manners, “Spaceballs merchandise” in 2021 is polite and decent.

Feb 24

Foamy mouth guy is trite these days, so I’ll say I’m as excited as Aang eavesdropping on Katara's fortune being read and hearing he had a chance

Feb 24

I guess my first question is whether we know for certain that the map that we’ve seen in various Avatar shows actually represents the whole world. It would be cool if there was some lost continent that they could discover, populated by people who can’t enter the Avatar state or bend all of the elements, but who can Read more

Feb 23

Excuse me, but WTF is the problem? They’re married. Jesus didn’t say shit about having an OnlyFans! Being Christian must be hard.

Feb 23

ROFL...neighbors and parents “discovered” the site, huh? Any word on which dad or dads outed her to the rest? Jesus is fine with us LOOKING at OnlyFans,’s only the posters who need to be kicked out. You couldn’t pay me to send my kids to a Catholic school. 

Feb 23

Man, but that would be nice.  Always wanted to play Bloodborne.

Feb 21

That’s your opinion pf those movies and you’re welcome to not like them if you want, but I’ll never understand people that want to take away things others enjoy because it doesn’t interest them. Read more

Feb 20

Springs do not wear out that way. It isn’t being held under tension, or compression that does it. It’s either over stretching/compressing. Or the regular, repeated stretching and un-stretching. Read more

Feb 20

So you don’t think the board members and teachers have a right to vent? To be pissed off at parents that are constantly harassing them to get in person learning back??
The aren’t sorry for being angry. They shouldn’t have to be. They resigned because they were told to do so.
They absolutely care about the kids.  Which Read more

Feb 20

meh. They’re fucking stupid for broadcasting it publicly, obviously, but 1) they’re probably not wrong, 2) show me a workplace that doesn’t talk shit about their customers. Quitting because some karens overheard you talking about them is a bit spinless and over dramatic, just fake an apology and move on.

Feb 20

The (original) arms on my 1990 350SDL have been left up many, many times and still have more than adequate pressure to keep the wipers effectively clearing the windshield. Try again.

Feb 20

Exactly. NO WAY there is sufficient drag on those arms that anything short of hurricane force winds is going to cause that to happen. Read more

Feb 20

People have been putting their wipers up, probably ever since shortly after motorized wipers were added to most cars in the snow-belt. In all that time, if the problems cited in the article were frequent, folks would have stopped doing it. I’ve never heard of them being broken by wind, having the rubber blown off or Read more