Aug 4

I’m just here to talk about the joke that took a whole season to setup:
“Who the hell was that guy??

Jul 27

Me, I get 500kb-1mb/second average. COD MW is around 250gb right now, which means a nice 69 hour download on a good day(s).

Jul 17

There’s a big difference between a lil banner ad and a full page timed ad or auto video.

It’s not like the money from that is going directly to creators either.

Jul 17

At first I though this was odd (beyond not wanting detritus at the site) because the building seems to have his own secluded parking spot where someone could go without disturbing the neighborhood.

But then I watched the chopper footage and saw that that lot is directly adjoining a ton of residential spaces:

Jul 16

Cavill: *spreading thermal paste like the cpu is toast*
I: *wail at the monitor like he could hear me* you only need a pea

Jul 9

While I’m all in for removing racist elements from media, it seems like Activision/IW should probably focus on removing the racists, rather than further legitimizing the symbol they’ve laid claim to.

Removing an iffy at worst hand symbol doesn’t fix the problem, the racists will continue to play and find new ways to Read more

Jul 8

Had no idea Brain David Gilbert was involved in such a terrible racket.

Jun 30

The conversation itself seems like it’s mostly just awkward, it reads like someone who doesn’t know how to talk to people trying to show interest in someone. Read more

Jun 27

Maybe the term dubious consent is new, but the concept is not. Bodice rippers have been around a lot longer than modern fanfiction.

Jun 18

I desperately need english subs for these.

Also, I fear too few know how wild Okamoto adverts and products are. The ‘big boy’ rubbers have a realistic and sultry looking horse on the package.

Jun 18

I had the same impression, that AJ was more of a ‘grandma’ brand product, like Abuelita Coco or Betty Crocker. Sad to find out I was wrong, but glad they’re finally changing it. 

Jun 12

Oh, I’m sorry. I read the article before seeing this comment. I didn’t realize it was written for you. 

May 13

As a solo designer this engine update sounds wonderful. It takes long enough to create the art for a game. Optimizing the models and environments to the nth degree and baking lightmaps is a huge time suck. Getting to just make a decent model and dump it into the game engine with dynamic lighting and AO built in is a Read more

May 10

It’s probably more about how we don’t often see debt like this in casual (or most other) video games, a device for escaping real world problems (like debt). Read more

May 7

How are they the same? One group is an active protest displaying hate symbols, and the other is an armed escort of three people. The only similarity is that both were armed.