12:06 PM

The OP is talking about the way individuals treat each other. It doesn't matter what someone does or doesn't believe about religion/spirituality, we just need to treat everyone with respect.

8:01 PM

An article purporting to express sympathy for a person who committed a crime should probably refrain from calling her a "murderer" when she was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Murder and involuntary manslaughter are two different crimes that say vastly different things about the depravity and culpability of Read more

11:34 PM

I have to agree with you and I may get a lot of shit for this but I can't support March Madness because I don't support people doing hard drugs. Weed and alcohol is one thing, but everything else? It's one thing to have tried it for the hell of it but I don't know, I can't help feeling like it's being supportive of Read more

1:14 PM

Obviously the solution is just to never fall back. It's great for it to be lighter later in the day, but there's no reason that wouldn't also be nice in the winter. In fact, it might be even more important in the winter, when early sunsets feel depressing as hell.

10:58 AM

I think more of a spy or cop, a loose cannon with, I donno, a sidekick pimp named Double Oh Sven-en. He is Scandinavian, because I think Sven is a Scandinavian name. They bust the bad guys. She has no shame in sex-working, and he's a fair and honest pimp. Xzibit is also there to pimp rides. I miss Xzibit. Read more

1:15 PM

There are some people whose bodies take being pregnant better than others. I couldn't tell just by looking at her that she'd birthed 19 other people. Also, I don't get all the god snark. Yeah she's a fundi, but we're all entitled to our own religious beliefs. I think a body positive god is better than a snarky, fat Read more

1:12 PM

No. You know what? Don't. The Duggars are a hot mess, but don't go snarking on this woman for being comfortable in her body. Read more

12:37 PM

I see what you're doing here. However, could we not compare Alec's shitty justification of 'I might be a homophobe, or not' with Allen's denial of molesting a child in his home? Alec may be a thoughtless impulsive not-creative insult thrower, which certainly smells like disdain for gay men, this in NO WAY compares to Read more

6:47 PM

Cordelia isn't bad! Early Cordy is annoying, but there's a lot I love about her. She's just so delightfully and unapologetically blunt.

4:27 PM

Congratulations on the good prenatal appointment! First checkpoint complete~

10:46 PM

I have no doubt he means well. That's why it's so darn annoying.

9:12 PM

I'm not a big drinker, but I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner occasionally. If anything I miss it as a slight stress reliever as I have a history of recurrent pregnancy loss. Read more