Jan 6 2014

I finally got the call that I don't have to come in to work tonight- just as I was leaving to start my car to warm

Jan 2 2014

MrManzana got home from work about an hour ago, and then immediately had to head out of state for an overnight work

Dec 28 2013

If this is how bad I feel over my sick cat, I am going to be a wreck when I have human babies.

Dec 10 2013

My city currently has a winter weather advisory. There are strong winds, and the snow has been heavy and constant

Nov 23 2013

So, MrManzana and I will be with my family for Thanksgiving. They live about 11 hours away, since we are driving,

Nov 19 2013

It looks like a lot of people in the GT world are feeling blue today, so I when I found this super cute gif I

Nov 6 2013

I was supposed to work this afternoon, but just got a call that my shift is being cancelled. That happens sometimes,

Oct 28 2013
Happy Monday from Oto!

I must admit that I am team dog, and always have been. But Oto is my new love, and he will do quite nicely. Snuggly

Oct 14 2013
I Promised a Picture

This marks the third post about this kitten today, and after this I promise I will be done. But I told you all that

Oct 14 2013

I just got a call from the woman at the animal shelter. She got all our references and we are approved! We get to