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She looks like Evil Teri Garr here Read more

A lot of people seem to not remember the way-back-when days of 2014 & 2015 but — Warren was the front-runner to campaign against Clinton from the left in 2016. She was certainly the highest-profile option. She was in the Senate and didn’t run, eventually endorsed Clinton. One big reason Sanders got his huge, huge Read more

It’s about being right, and also being willing to concede mistakes. Bernie has been on the right side of history about pretty much everything, since the beginning. No small thing. This will position you as an outsider in American life (something his cultural identity already did, and I don’t think you can discount how Read more

A friend had a spare ticket to a live recording of the podcast and I tagged along. Had never listened before and really only know these dudes by name/reputation. The vibe was a lot like amateur wrestling, but I got the feeling the crowd would probably have a classist response to that comparison. Read more

It said I’m a mediatrix, “a woman who is a mediator.” But the most common definition seems to be the Catholic one, “The intercessory role of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a mediator in the salvific redemption by her son Jesus Christ, and that he bestows graces through her,” which yes — wow. 100% accurate!!  Read more

Cars are to blame, the 20th century project of hemming American life in and around the automobile and all its destructive wonder is to blame.  Read more

“White culture” is feeling superior to black and brown people. The end!  Read more

The defense of him in this piece was sooooo paltry. Oh, he’s just awkward. Oh, that’s just his humor. Oh, it’s just an “asshole” “character,” that’s not how he “really” is. It’s just show business! It’s just politics! I’m just a touchy-feely guy! He’s just a hugger!

And that’s it, isn’t it? Excuses excuses excuses. Read more

In the sequel, Bernie’s corpse can only move around when it hears calypso music. Also, there’s a great moment when Calypso Bernie is underwater and gets shot through the head with a speargun. His body really starts to deteriorate in the second film. Read more

I listened to his EP and could very easily see “Panini” and “F9miliy” hitting big with the grade-school crowd.  Read more

Keep that plane away from wormholes  Read more

I say we drop John Bolton off in the middle of the Caspian Sea with a rifle, map, and full canteen and tell that old bitch to get to work, he wants to play war so fucking bad.  Read more

She was putting “Native American” on forms & such when she identified as a Republican, and her actions make 100% sense in that context (the context of being a Republican asshole). It seems to me like her whole career and political evolution has been a public unlearning the lies she was taught by her parents, Read more

So Patricia Heaton is playing eleven years younger than her actual age??? Good for her ya know Read more

I thought Nexium was always a scam? Like an MLM organization selling empowerment for a few hundred bucks a pop? Read more

Lol the table is just six photos of black people + a mailing list signup  Read more

Party Fowl is this kind of restaurant btw