Montauk Monster
Feb 25

Georgina Chapman had consensual sex with Harvey Weinstein, got her fashion line funded, pretended she knew nothing about his criminal behavior, and walked away with millions. Annabella Sciorra doesn’t have a career anymore. Who gives a fuck who Chapman is dating? She clearly has no issue banging sexual predators so Read more

Feb 14

Are they protesting themselves?  That would indeed be very French.

Feb 12

You just wrote a whole bunch of nothing. Paragraphs of word salads. Also, Pete’s inclusiveness comes up short when it comes to AAs: Read more

Feb 12

Ugh. What exactly is so appealing about Pete Buttigieg? Bernie I can see but Pete? 

Feb 11

Bye, weirdo!  And you can take your weirdo cult with you, too.

Feb 11

Because it is a house instead of a traditional dorm does not make any difference. Why did no one call the campus police or the Bronxville police. Does Sarah Lawrence not have a director of campus life? Read more

Feb 10

For all the troubling evidence of fractures in the Democratic Party over the past couple of weeks (and really over the past couple of years), I am actually really drawing a lot of hope from everyone...socialist, centrist, white, black, male, female....coming together in a shared, united, unshakable disdain for Pete Read more

Jan 13

I’ll never forget the image of Diana comforting John as he wept uncontrollably at Gianni Versace’s funeral.

Jan 1

The greatest, truest thing about the film is that the real hero is Jackie Wilson.

Dec 12

Scott Disick activates something in my reptile brain that reminds me of why I don’t let my vagina make decisions. He’s objectively a garbage person, and yet I would bang him like a screen door. I don’t know what that says about me.

Dec 12

Missy Byrd and Elizabeth Beisel, manufactured complaints against Spilo to convince Kim she had an ally Read more

Dec 12

All these people are TOO OLD for this bullshit. This is high school shit. I just looked up Khloe’s age-she is 35. THIRTY-FUCKING-FIVE and she’s passive aggressively posting on Instagram stories (the Snapchat of Instagram) about the 22 year old who kissed her exceptionally piece-of-shit ex at a party. Read more

Nov 26

It would be a lot less infuriating if people like Johannson and Degeneres didn’t try to twist their continued friendships with people who have done shitty things as some sort of brave or morally courageous stance. The simple fact of the matter is you like someone personally for whatever reason, and don’t want to Read more

Nov 26

There is nothing he can say to me that would make me vote for him in the primaries, though, should he win, I’d walk across broken glass to vote for him. Read more

Nov 19

But her resume says she invented the current design on the dollar bill?

Nov 18

I would love to have the massive self confidence that it takes to lie so blatantly and then be so completely unrepentant when caught. Or maybe it’s self delusion. Either way, I bet on a day to day basis she has less anxiety and depression than I do.

Nov 7

“But if anyone wants to defend keeping those high profits for insurance companies, and those high profits for drug companies, and not making the top 1 percent pay a fair share in taxes, and not making corporations pay a fair share in taxes, then I think they’re running in the wrong presidential primary.”
Read more

Nov 7

Charity is not a replacement for civilization. Others have tried to claim this. Let them make that specious argument. Read more

Nov 6

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it as long as it takes to sink in: however fun the Marvel movies are, in the real world there is one and only one superpower. Read more