9/19/16 3:01PM

I’m straight, but I’d still like to play goalie for the Gold Star Lesbians.

9/19/16 10:35AM

“The closeted perv has never come out as gay”

Because he very well may not be; being a child predator /= gay. Abusive sex is about power, not identity.

7/23/16 12:28AM

I actually think it’s weirder when people who don’t have any independent appreciation for sports become zealous supporters of their school’s athletic programs.

7/22/16 11:29PM

Eh, if you don’t grow up near pro teams in your favorite sports, college is the next best thing. I grew up in Upstate NY and a majority of kids growing up followed Syracuse basketball. If we wanted a chance to watch decent live ball, we went to Syracuse. There wasn’t any other decent basketball within a 5 or 6 hour Read more

6/16/16 3:14AM

I look forward to an even longer filibuster when republicans fuck it all up. Woooooo. Read more

6/12/16 10:51AM

I stand by my whackado theory that Trump is running so that Hillary will win the Whitehouse. I know I’m not the only one, there are dozens of us who support this theory. DOZENS!

6/07/16 10:19AM

You can also look at it as men not giving a shit about women until they have their own flesh and blood walking around in female form as daughters. Sort of like how men always have to relate discussions of women’s issues back to their sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, etc. because they can’t see women as human beings Read more

6/07/16 9:47AM

The comments are so vile, but this is less than 4 mins of what she has to put up with

6/07/16 9:37AM

It’s killing me how young she sounds. This is it ladies. Take us to the promised land, Hillary. Read more

6/07/16 9:30AM

Are we allowed to be excited yet? I have a two year old daughter and this is just such a huge thing for her generation. She gets to grow up knowing you don’t have to be a white male to be president.

6/06/16 8:48PM

Please please please please let the screaming “progressive” masses just sit down and start supporting Hillary now. Or at least be honest about why they don’t support her.

I am an independent, and was unable to vote in my state’s caucus. I do not think the super delegate system should be changed by someone who is Read more

6/06/16 10:10AM

Bernie supporter here. He needs to get out. He needs to start unifying the party. He needs to do better messaging w/ regards to his supporters. Read more