8/08/16 9:21PM

Thank you! Yes! I came here to say that. Casey Wilson is amazing. How do you screw that up?

1/23/16 4:58PM

Any chance you mean Russell Brand? Pretty sure Russell Banks is a poet...

1/23/16 3:17PM

Jesus that is horrifying. This story didn’t just make cry, it made my blood fucking boil. The fact that this is still happening in our country is truly mind boggling, and the prospect of electing any conservative into office this fall absolutely terrifies me because things would only get worse...

1/14/16 5:36PM

So heartbreaking... But can we pause for a moment and discuss that horrifying wax Celine? That shit will haunt my dreams...

1/13/16 9:55AM

I LOVED my EOS lip balm but I’m pretty certain it was causing hives on my lips, which I didn’t even know was possible until I saw my doctor about it and she diagnosed my symptoms as lip hives immediately. I had been using EOS (along with other lip balms) for a while but all of a sudden, I started waking up with Read more

11/09/15 11:15PM

Ugh. I abandoned the NFL (for the obvious misogyny, domestic violence, animal abuse, etc.) and pledged my undying love for the MLB. I'm not ready to lose faith in baseball yet...

10/16/15 6:27PM

I like you very much. I rarely manage to advocate pet adoption/fostering without sounding like a self-important asshole. I love rescue advocates with sweet, persuasive methods!

9/02/15 2:10PM

This is the best thing I’ve read all day. I loved it so much read it aloud to my husband between fits of schoolgirl-esque giggles. I’m not ashamed of my behavior. Not even a little bit. Thank you, Mark, for this gift.

8/11/15 5:16PM

Very serious pact between me and my best friend: instead of bringing flowers or balloons to the hospital when one of us gives birth, we are to bring a makeup kit and a flat iron. That’s what friends are for, people.

7/30/15 11:30PM

I must be old because 1. I still don’t know who Rita Ora is and 2. I wasn’t aware that major retailers were putting coupons on magazine covers nowadays. Read more

6/17/15 11:11AM

I feel like this was absolute perfection and in no way a joke. It was was just her attemt to get back on track after clearly being caught off-guard by his horrifying word choice. I TOTALLY would have reacted with a wildly inappropriate version of “That’s what she said.” or something equally terrible... Bravo, Mindy!

5/21/15 4:45PM

For our processional we had the groomsmen escort family down the aisle and the bridesmaids walked solo. Then for the recessional, each bridesmaid/groomsman paired up, but the last three all walked together (groomsman/bridesmaid/groomsman). Having an extra bridesmaid could just mean one groomsman has a lady on each Read more

5/18/15 6:48PM

AH! If my gut ever unexpectedly moved and displaced objects around me, I would lose my shit. I will have nightmares about not know I’m pregnant then one day seeing a tiny foot kick out... This is terrifying.

5/12/15 10:10AM

I had a similar issue last year when I started a new job. I went to fill my BC RX and was told that it was no longer free (as it was with my previous insurer) and that my new insurance only covered the generic, but not for free. It was on the second tier of a three-tier pricing system. The price of second tier drugs, Read more

5/10/15 10:09PM

This is the best thing I've read all day. Partly because it's objectively hilarious, but also because as a crazy animal person myself, I feel like I really get your mom... I too would sneak an animal into a hotel then get sidetracked by a pet expo. Not sure what that says about me... Point is, I love your mom.

5/08/15 8:03AM

I knew better than to watch a dog video first thing in the morning... Gonna hug my big, dumb Great Dane extra hard today. He'll probably just roll his eyes and fart at me, but it's totally worth it.

5/05/15 1:40PM

Honestly, I think what matters is that you have your favorite people standing up with you at your wedding. If each of you have 6 closest friends/family, then so be it. Our wedding had 4 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen because we are the type of people that have a few close friends and the rest didn’t matter to us. I was Read more

5/03/15 10:58PM

As a former Kansan, I applaud this woman not only for making a stand against this imbecile of a governor, but also for her tremendous restraint. I would have dumped his meal in his lap or something far less eloquent...