Mr. Majestyk
May 8 2019

Tomorrow’s weather forecast: Problematic with a chance of hot takes. (Same as today’s and same as next week’s.)

Mar 7 2019

I listen to audiobooks to go to sleep sometimes and I tried out a Lovecraft recently. He’s fucking terrible. Like so distractingly bad I had to switch audiobooks and it’s not like I pay particularly close attention when I’m trying to drift off. He came up with some cool monsters but other people have built wildly Read more

Feb 10 2019

Well you don’t write for the AV Club, so you’ve got that going for you. Which is nice.

Jan 27 2019

I feel like a Google Sheets doc is more useful, crowdsource that list.

Jan 9 2019

honestly, i’d watch it. can’t wait to sob uncontrollably when one of his new dish friends, in a final desperate act of selfless friendship, pushes him into the cabinet with his buddies, knowing that he will slo-mo fall to the floor and shatter into a million pieces (he gets glued back together, though, so it all turns Read more

Nov 28 2018

Oh how the tables turn. I would seriously trade our society today for the joy-joy society that Huxley lived in.

Nov 17 2018

How dare Bill Maher not give Jack Kirby co-credit for destroying society.

Nov 2 2018

love this. while i really enjoy Vince, he also seems to be one of those artists the pop culture websites have all decided en-masse is excellent; Pitchfork in particular LOVES him and will love him no matter what he releases.

Oct 27 2018

This is a great idea, but it sit somewhat awkwardly with the reality that the “HBO CEO of Tits” gimmick doesn’t seem to be far off from the truth. I’ve written this before, but I’ve always thought most sex scenes were superfluous, and after reading about Salma Hayek’s experience of making her Frida Kahlo movie (where Read more