Oct 9 2016

I bet the default rate for max optioned F150s is at least 10x less than Nissan Altimas.

Aug 25 2016

Mr. Right Lane Only. [ETA: Wait he’s a Brit so that doesn’t work. Cock.]

Aug 2 2016

It’s Tuesday, and that means another edition of Resignation Letters to Patrick. Today’s letter comes from Doug DeMuro, Jalopnik’s resident humorist, part-time Ferrari owner, and specialist in the Rule of Three. Doug writes: Read more

May 17 2016

The only reason he joined Twitter is because someone told him he could block people.

Apr 8 2016

Someone needs to comment on the fact that Sean M himself is like 75% of Jalopnik, what are the car guys doing while Sean’s dropping quality articles left and right everyday? Read more

Apr 8 2016

Spoke too soon. Jumped straight to comment on that last quote and hadn’t gotten to this gem yet: “Of course, you can also do what most Raptor owners do, which is option C: trade in the truck on a new Super Duty, because the Raptor simply isn’t large enough to fit in with your heavily macho lifestyle that consists of Read more

Mar 26 2016

Sure, but can it control the POS known as Nest when the Nest doesn’t connect to WiFi 80+ % of the time after they release broken ass updates?

Feb 27 2016

The problem with a lot of the DOTA community (same in a couple other esports), is that the casters think they are as essential as the top players. This cannot be further from the case in a real sport, and the only reason it can even fly here is that Esports aren’t just quite big enough in terms of spectators quite Read more

Feb 24 2016

It’s yoooooge. Just great. My favorite car. I know it backwards and forwards. It’ll pay for the wall it runs into.