11:39 PM

I am not African American. I am super white.

That said, I never lived in a town or community where people, or at least enough people for someone like me to hear it, ever looked differently at blacks vs. whites. Granted, this was a suburb within 20 minutes of where Michael Jordan’s house was, and everyone was pretty Read more

11:27 PM

first time i have ever seen someone post a vid where they got to drive the car from the article...and they actually drove it pretty well! Dont know the track and havent driven a scud to know...but that actually looked like you knew what you were doing as opposed to 90% of videos like this where its just like - bro why Read more

11:23 PM

soft-ass biatch.

I mean after a comment like that - what else do you expect? You two complete jackasses were funny for a minute of reading until this. Sounds like defeat in my book. Read more

10:27 AM

Your description of the maintenance on this thing is not accurate. Have an uncle who lives 5 minutes away with one. It has less than 20k original miles on it, kept in a heated garage, on a battery tender. Only driven a few times a year in Chicago (summer only). This thing has issues CONSTANTLY that the local BMW shop Read more

9:53 PM

I’m with you. Look, I don’t give a fuck if some dude wants to dress like a chick, or a chick wants to dress like a dude. But don’t fucking get mad at Lewis or anyone for saying that a princess dress isn’t for dudes...cuz its not. If you are a boy, or have a boy and want to wear the princess dress, great, doesn’t Read more

8:41 PM

I had been searching for a new sports car to replace a benz, but after moving to Seattle from Chicago, my wife wisely pointed out that there is literally no way a 911 or similar would be worth it out here without driving at least an hour or 2 before actually driving.... and she was right, people suck at driving in Read more

10:00 PM

Yeah, because no one is going to push themselves to their absolute limit of production... only to be paid the same amount as the dipshit that asked this question, because of a salary ‘cap’. Read more

12:33 PM

I don’t think this one is his...his would be for sale at Evan Pull (sp?) who he is partnered with. And I am pretty sure the black stripe on the lower valance with red Porsche letters is different than his.

1:29 PM

who takes the time to comment on a less than 500 word article with some stupid ass shit that they wouldnt have even needed to post if they spent the extra half sentence reading the article?

7:07 PM

Let me tell all the people asking for Burneko to write the articles again why it can’t happen: In the articles, I was pretty sure Burneko was going to be a 50+ yr old multiple-divorcee with massive Harley Davidson type tats up both arms. Read more

2:55 AM

i hate driving pickups. father in law has a fully pimped (classy way) Tacoma, brother in law had a nice Tundra, Father in law’s brother had a kid with a Ridgeline, friend has a 2013 Ram nicely optioned, and a few buddies with 2011+ F150 non-Raptors... I hate it. but this comment...absolutely without a doubt true. Any Read more

2:54 AM

shutup cunt. - love someone with plenty of money to spend yet would never click an ad on jalop but comes here to be with like minded car-folk. go back to Jezebel where you came from.

10:53 PM

Well I am not super deep into everything it offers, but for me personally, switching from 7 to 10 lightened my hard drive by there’s something? That 45GB lower coming from just installing Windows 10, I didn’t uninstall or change anything else, and I only had like one or two Chrome extensions that W10 Read more

10:50 PM

Mike, any comments from you on what appears to be a pretty major bug: On PC, you cannot change the volume. Since Forza is a Window’s App as opposed to a standard Game install (like Battlefield for ex), it does not appear in the volume mixer. Read more

3:22 PM

Lol I’m with you man, totally get your point despite the people that aren’t getting it. Read more