8:37 AM

Given the office Jeff had as a mere instructor, I imagine being chair comes with its own castle and possibly a private jet. Read more

11:54 PM

That raises an interesting question: What coin is Bronn the master of? We know Cersei had emptied the treasury, and presumably the loan had already been shifted to the Golden Company’s Iron Bank account. I know they mentioned in the Small Council that there were limited funds to work with, but I’d think those would be Read more

11:14 PM

I thought the ICE cream truck was a fun little touch. I didn’t get the pun until Peele’s outro.

1:48 PM

During the Battle of Blackwater, Cersei had an audience of people for whom she needed to perform “public Cersei” even up to the moment of her death. Last night, while alone with Jaime, she was able to show her true face. That seems like pretty typical narcissist (as in “has NPD” more than “thinks too highly of Read more

12:29 PM

I am at least nominally familiar with Nomi, but I didn’t get that Lyonne was referring to him (which, now that I know it, makes her ensemble even more awesome). I’d thought she was referring back to mid-80s Dynasty-esque fashion, but I’m glad to be wrong in this case.

10:58 AM

Sometimes you’ll run across something that can only be called a junk store. Not an antique store that has decided not to sort the wheat from the estate-sale chaff, but a store that seems to specialize in offering products made for no known market. Their shelves are heaped and piled with knock-offs of knock-offs, Read more

12:58 AM

“For people who are about to be overrun by an undead army they spend way too much time being concerned by dynastic issues.” Read more

2:51 PM

Speaking as a gay white man, I believe white supremacy within the gay community does way more harm than homophobia within the black community. I don’t want to stray too far outside my lane, but the existence of every black choir director I’ve met confirms that the status of homosexuality within the black community is Read more

2:57 PM

Late in the game, I’m starting to think the show made the mistake of conflating affective disorders and personality disorders when developing Gretchen’s character. Like, they wanted a deeply flawed character—the kind where the flaw really is in the self itself, not in the diseases that prey on a compromised self. Read more

11:16 AM

No, it’s much more innovative than that: for a third of the show, they try making each *Scene* a new Act 1 Scene 1. I was in the middle of a flu thing when I watched it, and at one point I sincerely believed I’d been drifting in and out of consciousness during a marathon of new-to-me episodes.

4:08 PM

I think I get it a lot more now, thanks! This has been really eye-opening. For the record, I always thought the jokes were funny; it was more the ethos that rubbed me the wrong way. But now I see that, like, I wasn’t really the intended audience so it’s all good.

3:30 PM

>Actually it was because he was hoping for a black guy to attack him first so he could retaliate in self-defense and he was unable to do that. Read more

3:39 PM

I’ve wondered for months how I missed out on the unseasoned chicken that is apparently my birthwhite, and somehow your comment triggered an epiphany. Because my mother hated cooking and my father was working a second job most evenings, whenever we had baked chicken it was made with one of those Shake’n’Bake kind of Read more

2:59 PM

Dang. I ordered the book through the Amazon link and didn’t get a discount offer at all. I hope Damon gets some of that extra five bucks!

1:58 PM

Thanks for this! The appeal of the movie makes a lot more sense to me now, because that world is alien to me. Like, in my jobs it’s always understood that you hate the job and there’s no point pretending otherwise, you know? You have to put on fake enthusiasm for the customers if you want good tips, but maybe the fact Read more

7:22 AM

I don’t disagree with you at all. I’m just saying that for a lot of people, including myself, “my job makes me pretend to be enthusiastic” is a burden we’d gladly take on in exchange for a lower middle class lifestyle, you know?

12:46 PM

I think that’s why Office Space has never really landed for me—what people miss is that, for people (like me) who aspire for what you see as a beige hellscape, the alternative is *much, much worse*. When it came out, I was scraping by so poorly that the story really did look like “caviar problems” to me at the time, Read more

12:22 PM

Among academic libraries in the US, there used to be a consortium that allowed each others’ faculty members to have full on-site access to collections that were otherwise reserved for local faculty and students. Read more

9:01 AM

Thanks for putting into words a feeling I’ve had about the last season and this one. I still love the show, but it seems to have become less of an excellent “stylized representation of real people’s struggles” show and more of an excellent “stylized representation of fictional characters’ struggles” show. Read more