6/11/21 8:09PM

No, they were definitely high schoolers in the original show. Even ignoring Pup Named Scooby Doo, there’s been numerous moments across many titles that inform us that Shaggy got Scooby before starting high school. Read more

6/11/21 7:44PM

If you do a little searching, the show logline indicates that it takes place in high school. So yes, I assume it’s somewhat a prequel given that the gang in the OG cartoon appear to be early twenties.

6/11/21 7:33PM

Don't run away. I agree with you. Mr. Furious is being snarky but those are decent twists on familiar characters. They're more clever than maybe intended.

6/11/21 1:40PM

This reminds me of what (I think) Grant Morrison said when DC did a major, major revamp on the character Zatanna: “If you’re going to take away literally everything that’s ever been established about a character and swap in radically different costume, powers and origin - then why bother even calling her Zatanna?” Read more

6/11/21 1:37PM

There was relatively a lot of hype about how lore heavy Mystery Inc. was so I tried starting it, apparently that might have been one of my sources of confusion since she apparently uses some Yiddishisms and at some point is seen with klezmer music in the background? And the half-Japanese younger live action Velma may Read more

6/11/21 12:07PM

I think something like this could be interesting if they lean into that Williams Street/Hanna-Barbera aesthetic and can find some way to update or bring some nuance to it. I think Kaling’s comedy works best when it’s digging into the absurdities that come about in that space between professional and personal Read more

6/11/21 12:02PM

That’s what I thought until someone explained to me that it’s actually cheaper to use existing IP that the studio owns, because the older contracts are generally more favorable to the studio in terms of payouts to the creators. New IP means new negotiations. Obviously, new IP still happens - look at the studio Read more

6/11/21 11:55AM

This better not be a prequel where season 1 ends with Shaggy finding a Great Dane puppy and Fred buying an old electrician’s van. Read more

6/11/21 11:28AM

She was Latina in the “Scoob!” animated movie too, I believe.

6/11/21 10:12AM

If it was a spinoff featuring just Velma, the “no dog and no van” thing would be fine. But how do you include Fred, Daphne, and Shaggy but then not have Scooby or the Mystery Machine? This better not be a prequel where season 1 ends with Shaggy finding a Great Dane puppy and Fred buying an old electrician’s van.

6/11/21 9:34AM

It’s probably easier to get something made at a studio by using an IP they already own. That way the studio still owns it, and it can’t be taken somewhere else if the creatives behind it don’t like how they’re being treated.

6/11/21 1:05AM

I don’t know about Jewish, but I do know many a person has assumed she’s a lesbian. Maybe that’s what the “adult” tag implies?

6/11/21 12:45AM

They just need to make the dog “darker” to include him

6/10/21 10:20PM

Of all the main gang Velma seems to be the most malleable since they’ve had her be (actually) East Asian in a live action prequel before. I guess Freddie Prinze Jr. was a Latino Freddie? I don’t know if I just made assumptions some of the cartoon Velmas have read a bit more minority than the others? Or was she ever Read more

6/10/21 9:23PM

Just give me a Velma and Marcie show. Fred, Daphne, and Shaggy can show up in supporting roles as long as they stay out of the way of the geniuses.