9/10/18 2:29PM

While the pluckiness and self-aware nature of the S2000 is amusing to me, the real hero is the McLaren Senna owner who is ACTUALLY tracking his car instead of placing it inside their sealed garage with a more sophisticated HVAC system than most laboratories.

9/13/17 7:05PM

Structural engineer here. The fact that this is the largest of the 3 (apparent) braces running across the short axis of the car to stiffen the frame rails tells me it has the most load on it (yes real engineering-ish). I’m having a hard time orienting the pictures with each other but regardless: corners are always the Read more

9/13/17 1:00PM

That is a great idea and as a car guy, the first 13 or 14 I bought were used or leased. But as an enthusiast, now I prefer to order my car and then have it built exactly to my specs and shipped to me. You pay a premium but there is nothing like getting a car with every option you desire! First I bought the yellow M3

6/07/17 9:24PM

If I saw you on the road, I wouldn’t honk at you, figuring you were probably on meth.

5/22/17 10:06PM

That’s “pretty” these days? Looks like a rejected Alfa Romeo concept. Whatever happened to Jaguars being sleek, rather than just blobs with angry faces and big wheels?

4/22/17 2:20PM

Where in the article did anyone say that you won’t be able to buy a base-model 3-series with a stick? This is specifically about M-cars that make too much power to offer a good manual and be reliable. Nothing to do with base model cars whatsoever.

4/22/17 12:53PM

“Paint me like one of your French motorcyclists, Jack.”

4/21/17 11:35PM

Here’s the thing. You shouldn’t be paying a couple extra hundred dollars for good service. It’s like paying $30 for a hot dog because the guy cooking it smiled.

4/21/17 11:12PM

Your country doesn’t even use the Metric system. You are Neanderthals.

4/21/17 11:02PM

On an overnight flight to London, the flight attendant snapped at me because after she carried random drinks from the galley to our two rows of passengers, I asked her for some water as well. She snapped, “NEXT TIME, tell me that BEFORE I get your other drinks.” The galley was almost directly behind our seats and her Read more

4/21/17 10:33PM

After using domestic airlines all my life, I felt like royalty the first time I flew internationally on an Asian airline. I had no idea flying could be such a pleasant experience before that.

4/21/17 10:22PM

I’ve done my share of domestic and international flights—both economy and business—on mostly American and Asian airlines. Domestic airlines in the U.S. have absolutely the worst customer service across the board. Continental and Delta are probably the best among the four (plus United and American), but that’s not Read more

4/18/17 12:23PM

You’re not wrong, but it’s also WAY easier to make this mistake in modern cars since the instrument cluster is ALWAYS illuminated regardless of your headlights. Read more

3/14/17 6:55PM

Shit, marriages don’t count if the participants were young and stupid?