9/10/18 3:58PM

I’m just over 6'3 and I get where you’re coming from. I’ve hopped in out of various cars a lot and the Camaro’s a hard one to get used to instantly due to the bunker feel. However, you do get used to it in about a week.

9/10/18 3:55PM

I’m actually in the market for American Muscle (aka Domestic Coupes) and am I a die hard Chevy guy... ironically all I can keep eyeing are Mustangs.

Mustang’s are several thousand dollars cheaper than Camaro’s up here in Canada. Especially used, you can pick up an Ecoboost Mustang for 21k$ ... Turbo’d Camaro’s come in Read more

4/17/17 9:59PM

It only came standard from 2008 or 2012 depending on Canada/US. I know it’s sad.

4/11/17 4:48PM

Some people just have to be right, myself, I’m more interested in the truth. I just noticed, but it’s a burner account so who knows, could be a regular or a troll hiding :p

4/11/17 1:40PM

That’s definitely also a big part of it and I still have to disagree with their use. It’s the same reason why there’s some QA issues with cars from the silicon valley etc where they dont have the experience and at times haven’t amalgamated into the auto industry.

4/11/17 1:38PM

Exactly! We’re talking about two completely different industries and risks involved.

4/11/17 12:14PM

Anyone else think it’s ridiculous we’re referring to a prototype as “beta” like in tech for a car?

3/24/17 10:37AM

*You’re Approved - Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that getting credit from a place that cannot get proper grammar correct is mistake #1.

2/06/17 11:41AM

After that OCC customs Banshee, I didn’t expect an onslaught of IRL GTA cars but it’s happened. Coquette anyone?

2/03/17 3:58PM

When I have time. I got hit last weekend in the parking lot too. I’m waiting for a third one.

2/03/17 1:46PM

Sometimes you just have idiots. I was rearended this morning (I hit the gas so almost no damage) but a dick in an A4 cut the guy off behind me as I braked hard for traffic. 5 cars plowed into him.

After the incident, I ran over the worst cars and immediately started making sure others were okay. He came at me trying Read more

1/18/17 4:57PM

Are you close with the Montreal car community by chance? I just moved back after a short stint in Toronto where the car community is massive. I’ve always struggled to break in here.