Motorized Mega-Satan
1:51 PM

As someone who has hired people in the past, it would annoy me no end to have someone cut the line and come straight to me rather than go through HR. I guess it depends on the nature of the company and how big it is though. I’ve worked almost exclusively for F500 companies the last decade, and my email is almost Read more

3:31 PM

Haha. I am the exact opposite of you. I hate rules, and order, and guidelines. I want a starting point, I want an end goal, and then I want to do it my way. I often fuck with people when we play games, make up my own rules, ignore others I don’t like. I despise routine, and monotony. Read more

2:21 PM

Okay, STOP THE PRESSES. I had to stop reading at “sassy wench”, which might be the best thing I’ve ever read, and immediately texted my girlfriend to call her that, just to see what she’d say. I will update! Read more

2:07 PM

That makes total sense to me. My instincts about my partners have generally been very good (even though I have often ignored them when every sense I had was telling me “THIS PERSON SUCKS, EJECT, EJECT”), and after a period of a few months I’ve been fairly resilient about the worst breakups, but given my current Read more

4:21 PM

I’ve heard about this for years. It’s massively irritating and just another excuse to eat up someone’s time that they don’t want to give you. Read more

4:03 PM

Yes, I’ve heard it before, though I prefer “you can’t unshit the bed” which is probably more apt for what anti-vax blockheads do every time they open their mouth to spout their informed opinion.

2:59 PM

Artificially engineering separation is something I have never understood. (See also: the Swingers “three day” rule.)

1:02 PM

Yeah, I thought to myself “this sounds like a bullshit story” and then I figured that I didn’t care enough to get worked up about it.

1:03 AM

Ted Cruz is smart. He knows full well what he’s saying. He’s doing it to amp up his political capital, knowing full well he never has to follow through with any of the batshit things he’s saying.

8:15 PM

In all fairness, most bathrooms are cauldrons of filth anyway, so it’s not like washing your hands has any benefit - even if you lather up like you’re about to perform surgery, the filthmongers who don’t have already had their dirty hands all over the door handle you’re about to touch. Read more

6:08 PM

If you liked Justified, Longmire is worth your time! Not quite as serialized but has a similar feel.

5:54 PM

Where is the line between seeing someone and dating someone? It’s a fuzzy line for me, but I said that we were definitely dating. Apparently to him, “dating” is the same as “boyfriend and girlfriend”—which I don’t necessarily agree with. And I’m not ready to be his girlfriend. It just feels big and I’m not there yet. Read more