Walter Moore
Jan 27

I would argue that the first “Genuinely Modern Car” was the Citroën Traction Avant.

Nov 1

An herb throws more temper tantrums, the shitheels at Great Hill don’t make as much money as they planned on, the writers get jobs at publications that haven’t been ruined by an herb, and the readers make the rest of the racist, misogynistic herb’s life hell.

Oct 31

Heel and toe does not use the heel to actuate any pedals. The heel is used as an anchor as you move the toes [ball of foot] to the brake pedal and roll onto the throttle for the blip. Also, the heel should never leave the floor. At least most modern cars have proper pedal placement to ensure this.

Sep 10 2019

Is there anything more tasty then a corgi?

Aug 24 2019

This makes me NOT want an Audi. Like, really bad.

That said, I had a 1996 A4 Quattro with a 5 speed, and I absolutely loved it. 

Aug 24 2019

Awesome retro-callback.  I’m “all in” for a mash-up of “Wall Street” Meets “Hot Fuzz” set in the Investment Banking World of Canary Wharf circa 1988.  There will be car chases and Suspenders-with-Suits.  And, Timothy Dalton as the Evil LBO Specialist.

Aug 21 2019

There was some Japanese compact car back in the 80s(?) where the headlights were exposed, but tilted back. Flip on the headlights and they’d click into the upright position. I’m sure that feature lessened air drag by 0.000000001%. But then the weight of the headlight motors must’ve canceled the air drag “drop”.