Yesterday 7:14PM

D cups aren’t big and never were. Most women in the US wearing a DDD should probably be wearing a UK G-UK KK cup range. Most women wearing a US D cup should probably be wearing a UK E-FF. Read more

Tuesday 5:39PM

Right but they know that if they tried to discuss their issues with the lesson plan they’d make their real issue obvious and say the quiet part out loud. “We don’t want our kids thinking critically about race.”

Tuesday 5:04PM

But white women aren’t being made fun of just because they’re white- what’s being made fun of is white feminism and the lack of critical though around race by those who have the luxury to not have to think about race because they are white. It is not stereotyping to point this out, it’s just a fact. In particular, Read more

Monday 2:14PM

I didn’t think any defence could annoy me more than “as a mother”, but this bitch somehow managed. Read more

Saturday 4:25PM

The video is called “Diarrhea In The Pool.”  Isn’t that warning enough?

6/10/21 7:12PM

After one of his managers told him that a line cook needed to borrow money to get groceries, Whalen was moved to reconsider wages at the company. Read more

6/09/21 6:06PM

Cop shows are certainly part of it - I know to many people in the states who ask “Why didn’t the cops do...?” about situations where the answer is simple “Because that’s only what cops do on TV.” (“Shoot the gun out of someone’s hand” is an obvious and particularly egregious example.) Read more

6/09/21 4:03PM

“Are they really this jacked up on power and adrenaline to think it’s a good idea to PIT a car that’s moving slowly and obviously has acknowledged their existence?” Read more

6/09/21 3:43PM

I blame - to at least some extent - the constant BS that cop procedural shows are churning out. It’s a never ending cycle of media which shows cops as action heroes, their jobs as constantly exceptionally dangerous, their use of force as always justified, defense attorneys as slick, morally repugnant cheats who only Read more

6/09/21 3:27PM

A large number of them are trained to be fearful of every encounter they have, which is going to mean they use maximum force in every situation. Read more

6/09/21 1:41PM

They’re thinking they won’t face any consequences for this type of thing, and they’re right. Read more

6/09/21 8:57AM

Right?  He knew he was gonna have to double duck because it wasn’t just gonna be the one shoe.  

6/08/21 11:17PM

Say what you want about GDubs (and Lord knows I’ve said a loooooot), his reflexes are stellar...

6/08/21 5:46PM

I know nothing about this controversy, but I think this guy is too tall for his desk. He looks uncomfortable.

6/07/21 7:16PM

Lots of herbs are easy to grow from scraps or cuttings. The problems you list with growing them in water are good points. One of the reasons growing in water produces such unsatisfying and non-nutritive results is they are basically growing from the stored energy in the cutting. Read more

6/07/21 3:08PM

In a perfect world, the ridicule and absolute evisceration of this clown would lead to his own suicide, and his children all got saddled with the obscene debt he will inevitably leave behind.