6/06/21 4:04PM

I think it’s a combination of sentimentality and a truly inspired, kinda icky piece of PR.

5/24/21 1:39PM

Ok but presumably you'd remember if something jogged your memory. It's plausible that he forgot to tell her the same day he found out. But he would have remembered the next time tacos came up. And it seems like they come up a lot! 🤣

5/19/21 11:08AM

I don’t see why it’s a problem for a study to confirm and quantify a phenomenon that we already know is real. We all know that society values women's thinness over men's. This study confirms that it holds true among heterosexual marriages as well. Just because the phenomenon being described is gross, that doesn't mean Read more

5/18/21 12:54PM

Rogan was such a great himbo on NewsRadio. It’s all been downhill from there.

5/16/21 3:01AM

I don’t think she’s mentally ill, I think she just has a massive case of cognitive dissonance paired with a massive sense of entitlement. Of course I don’t know anything about psychiatry so I could be wrong but that’s just my sense. I think we can all agree that she’s definitely an asshole, though!

5/16/21 2:50AM

I get what you’re saying, but I really just don’t care how she feels. Though I do think that calling her just Marge Greene takes some attention off of her. Instead of being MTG, the Trumpian foil to AOC, she’s just Marge Greene, conspiracy peddler. And I don't think I made fun of her appearance.

5/16/21 2:40AM

I think nobody would have ever called her MTG if it wasn't for AOC. It's a very pointed reference.

5/15/21 9:25AM

“Emma” is not Elizabethan! And while I hate to say it, I think the Gweneth Paltrow version is the best one. Alan Cumming! Juliette Stevenson! Ewan Mcgregor! Toni Collette! Read more

5/14/21 3:03PM

Maniac Marge is back on her bullshit. That sounds right

5/14/21 2:47PM

Can we refer to her just as Marge Greene? She doesn’t deserve the RBG or AOC or even HRC treatment.

5/10/21 1:00PM

Why does that herb Jim Spanfeller insist on re-running old articles? Am I going to read about Goop's conscious uncoupling in tomorrow's Dirt Bag??

5/10/21 12:43AM

So her husband’s association with Epstein made her feel all icky inside but she didn’t meet with a divorce lawyer until 6 years later, when the public found out. Ok.

5/08/21 4:53AM

Oh, you're definitely better than he is. 

5/06/21 10:32PM

Old Navy linen blend with a pull on waist and 5 in inseam. I'm 5'5" and they come to a couple of inches above the knee, the back is cut more generously so there's full butt coverage, and they're loose and breezy through the thighs. I have a full belly relative to my legs and they are perfect. If you have fuller thighs Read more

5/06/21 8:07PM

I am a hardened restaurant veteran. I’ve worked probably 25 Mother’s Day shifts, and I can tell you that they are the absolute worst for just about everyone involved. And I say this as someone who used to enjoy working Sunday brunch. I’d estimate about 75% of the mothers did not want to be there. Especially the Read more

5/04/21 7:03PM

In the context of a romantic relationship, if your partner gives you the silent treatment, you should start planning your exit. Under no circumstances should you bare your soul to someone who treats you this callously- that just gives them ammunition for the next time they manipulate you. There is a huge difference Read more

5/03/21 4:08PM

So this is a bad faith premise that is designed to get people to fight about which female artist is better and it should be REJECTED out of hand. Billie Eilish is GREAT. Rihanna is GREAT. There's no need to fight over who is better.

4/23/21 3:00PM

Emily, your assessments are objectively correct and fucking excellent Drop Dead Gorgeous reference.