Morried In The Gary
Jun 25 2015

Speaking of the Olympics, Gawker has pretty much evolved into the Michael Phelps of race-baiting, anti- police articles. Except where Michael Phelps excels in the pool, Gawker plies it’s trade in an over-flowing, faeces encrusted toilet in a dank back room of Tijuana abortion clinic/Texaco bathroom.
Racism is bad you Read more

Jun 24 2015

Las Vegas is going to fail miserably. A transient based populace, revolving around shift work that services gamblers, drunks, and coked out degenerates with no attention span. Win win for sure Gary, you cock-sucking fuck job.

Jun 23 2015

In 1995 the NBA dancers couldn’t dance because they were all knocked up with Shawn Kemp’s seed.

Jun 22 2015

A good way to get out of the greys is bring up Tom Ley’s propensity for being awful, at least 2x a month on here.

Jun 17 2015

10 months is actually a reference to the amount of time until Brendan Shanahan kicks down the door to Mike Babcock’s house to find him hanging from the ceiling fan, his dangling body moving in a slow circle like a macabre carousel.
That’s my theory anyway.

Jun 16 2015

it’s not though. That woman is a certifiable nutjob, and everyday brings us more and more treasure to digest.

Jun 15 2015

Jesus fuck! Am I trapped in the Game Of Thrones realm of purgatory? Have I Astral-projected myself to a multi-verse where Game Of Thrones has replaced any and all conversation topics?
I’m almost begging for a Tom Ley bear piece.

Jun 15 2015

A story about baseball for the Golf Channel?
What’s next? Helpful deodorant articles for Deadspin?

Jun 15 2015

The Rays were originally going to point the camera on their fans, but NASA already has a top of the line instrument that focuses on the empty, soulless expanse of unimaginable nothingness.

Jun 15 2015

I wish I knew about this. I have a fanastic one, that I think would have cracked top 10. Is there an ‘honourable mentions’ list?

Jun 15 2015

Listen, On my mother’s grave, I dont know nuthin about no heist, no guns and no mob. Go fuck yaself. I wanna a lawyer you fuckin boombatz. - A Grilled Guinea